William’s seven word blow to Harry at Coronation will cause ‘pain’

Prince William’s oath to King Charles during his Coronation will be devastating for Prince Harry to hear, a royal commentator has claimed. Writing for news.com.au, commentator Daniela Elser suggested that among the new details revealed about the ceremony, there are seven key words that will cause “pain, pathos and poignancy” for the Duke of Sussex.

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For the Homage of Royal Blood, William will kneel before his father and pledge “my loyalty to you and faith and truth I will bear unto you, as your liege man of life and limb”.

Ms Elser said Harry, in that moment, will be “reduced to no more than a spectator as his closest blood relatives enter the history books”.

She added it will “complete” his “self-induced downfall from publicly adored prince to regally irrelevant bystander” and will “drive home how much Harry has given up in his quest for ‘freedom’, ‘truth’ and the tender embrace of Netflix’s accounts department.”

King Charles will be crowned this Saturday, May 6, in a historic ceremony that he has spent over 70 years – more than any other heir to the throne in history – waiting for.


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