William’s YouTube collaborators once committed ‘food crime against humanity’

Prince William has partnered up with a popular YouTube channel to serve food from a burger van in support of his Earthshot prize but his new foodie colleagues once hit headlines some years ago with what some critics called “a crime against humanity”.

The Prince of Wales was seen handing out food to shocked diners after partnering with Sorted Food who hit headlines in 2017 after angering Spanish people for the creation of a paella burrito.

But Spaniards were furious after slamming YouTuber ‘chef’ Jamie Spafford for using the term paella when the ingredients had no bearing to the authentic meal.

Mr Spafford claimed he had to get the police involved after receiving violent threats.

Acknowledging the hate he had received online at the time, the chef posted: “Apparently I’ve offended the entire Spanish population with my Paella Burrito.

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“Tell me why! It’s still delicious!”

One of the comments the chef received on social media, from @HydekiRyuga, said: “One, that’s not paella, not even f*****g close. Two, pronounce it properly, for God sake: it’s PAELLA, not PAYELLA.”

And @Uvejeje replied: “I’m pretty sure it was delicious, but that’s not the point of the outrage among Spaniards. The problem is when you call any rice ‘paella’.”

Another, @loq_digalarubia, wrote: “Well, you’re British, so no need to say anything else. Worst food in the world, it’s normal you like such a thing as a ‘paella burrito’.”

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Looking cheery as he served purgers on the counter to aghast customers, the Prince of Wales said: “Morning everyone, nicely cooked, ready to go.”

William, 41, handed over Earthshot Burgers to invited subscribers of the popular YouTube channel for a new episode of the show, which reviews kitchen gadgets and demonstrates simple, cheap, and environmentally-friendly recipes for its 2.7 million followers.

The episode is part of a two-year tie-up between YouTube and The Earthshot Prize, the charity created by William to promote often small but innovative ideas to solve the planet’s biggest environmental problems and put it on a path to sustainability by 2030.

William, working with the Sorted Food chefs, explained that the world’s first Earthshot Burgers – a potato-based spicy burger flavoured with garlic, ginger and chilli with pickled vegetables served in a bun – were designed to showcase three of last year’s winners of the £50million prize.

Defending himself from the backlash at the time, Mr Spafford claimed he never meant to cause offence to anyone.

He posted: “No trolling ever intended… Honestly… Had no idea it would cause any fuss at all!”

But he appeared to take the abuse with a pinch of salt, and said “Wait until I put gazpacho in a taco!”

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