Wind speed today: Every area recording huge gusts – current wind speeds near YOU

Storm Eunice to be 'worse than expected' says forecaster

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During the early hours of this morning Storm Eunice arrived in the British Isles, where the weather system is expected to wreak havoc. Strong winds, snow showers and flooding are all expected, with the Met Office issuing no less than six weather warnings in response to the storm.

How windy is it today?

The Met Office’s UK wind map shows where will be the windiest places in the British Isles – UK wind map

So far today, Camborne in Cornwall has recorded the highest winds of 41mph and gusts of 64mph, with Pembroke in south wales recording 37mph winds and 60mph gusts.

Wind speed refers to the average speed over a given period, while wind gusts are a rapid increase in strength of the wind relative to the wind speed at the time.

Cardiff and Exter have recorded speeds of 29mph.


Along the south coast of England, Brighton has recorded wind speeds of 34mph (52mph gusts), while both Southampton and Dover are reporting winds of 27mph. 

Between 6am and 9am this morning wind gusts measuring 75-90mph are expected across parts of southwest England.

Northern areas of the UK are yet to witness winds of a similar speed, with the majority of regions recording gales below 15mph. 

Aberdeen has so far experienced the greatest wind speeds, in Scotland, with 19mph, and gusts measuring 35mph.

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