‘Winning the lottery isn’t all cracked up to be, we all end up worse off’

A woman has said winning the National Lottery isn’t all it’s cracked up to be after what happened to her in the years after.

Lara and Roger Griffiths won the National Lottery in 2005 and went on to spend their money on holidays, homes, and expensive gifts.

Lara said that within weeks of winning she had booked a trip to Dubai and Roger had bought an Audi worth £18,000.

The couple said they went on a spending spree which included spending thousands of pounds within a matter of days.

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Roger said: “We must have spent £15,000 in ten days. She liked handbags, she liked shopping. She spent a lot of time at Louis Vuitton.”

The Daily Star reported that he used the money to get his teeth whitened, £300 on Botox, and more than £500 on tattoos.

While the couple benefited financially from winning the National Lottery, Lara isn’t convinced it was the best experience.

She said winning the lottery “is not all it’s cracked up to be” and said: “Most people end up worse off in some way”.

Eight years after winning the money, the couple had spent all their money.

They would go on to lose more when they divorced after 14 years of marriage. The pair allegedly blamed each other for their financial loss.

Lara said before they won the lottery they rarely argued but added they did not know how to look after the money.

Lara spoke about a fire which gutted their property and left them in trouble when they found out they had underinsured their home.

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She said their relationship worsened when she found an email on Roger’s computer in which he asked a friend for a woman’s number.

She told the Mail: “It was the worst moment of my life. In the archive, I found a conversation between Roger and a male friend.

“My husband was asking for a woman’s telephone number and his friend seemed to be encouraging him. I went to pieces and phoned Roger for an explanation.”

Soon after they separated, The Mirror reported that Roger reportedly said he was ashamed of the emails and denies he was unfaithful.

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