Winter on its way as Britain braces for weekend of thunderstorms

These stunning aerial pictures which capture frost forming near Kenilworth Castle show winter is fast approaching – as Britain braces for potential thunderstorms over the next 24 hours.

After spells of heavy showers and thunder this week, the frosty scene at the historic site in Warwickshire is another sign that winter is on its way.

A spell of low pressure hovering over the UK could spell more unfavourable conditions today and tomorrow, according to the Met Office.

Heavy downpours with potential thunderstorms could break out randomly across southern Britain.

Most of the country can however expect pleasant sunshine in-between the flash floods on Friday and Saturday.

Met Office spokesperson Grahame Madge said: ‘Some of the showers could be heavy and intense where they develop.

‘And we have an air mass at the moment that’s conducive to the development of thunderstorms.

‘That’s because the air we have over the UK is what meteorologists refer to as “unstable” which means it’s quite easy for pockets of air to rise.

‘And when this happens they will take moisture into the higher atmosphere and then that air condenses, so as it cools you get the formation of clouds, rain and hail and that all can be released quite quickly in the form of a thunderstorm.

‘So the system can develop, quite literally, out of thin air.

‘There is potential for showers to develop pretty much anywhere across southern Britain.’

Showers will break out randomly in Northern England and Scotland on Friday before moving further down the country.

Mr Madge said most of the country can expect pleasant weather in the double figures on Saturday, with 15 to 16°C in London and 10 or 11°C in Scotland.

However Mr Madge said temperatures in some areas of the country, particular more rural and isolated locations, could plummet to as low as 3°C overnight.

He said it is ‘possible’ we could see frost and fog in the forecast over the weekend.

‘We are well into autumn now and we would expect the sort of weather are seeing such as frost around about now or early November,’ he added.

More settled conditions are expected from Monday as the area of low pressure moves away from Britain.

The Grade-1 listed Kenilworth Castle has been a fortress in many key battles in British history after being founded in 1120 around a Norman tower.

King John, whose controversial reign sparked the Magna Carta in 1215, built the outer wall of Kenilworth Castle.

The forces of Simon Montfort also occupied the castle against a six-month siege by Prince Edward’s troops in 1266.

Kenilworth Castle was also the base of Lancastrian operations during the War of the Roses.

It has been described by the architectural historian Anthony Emery as ‘the finest surviving example of a semi-royal palace of the later middle ages’.

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