Woman almost lost both legs after falling asleep on all fours while drunk

A mum nearly had her limbs amputated after she fell asleep in an ‘awkward position’ after a night out.

Julia Anderson had enjoyed a pub crawl with friends and a ‘lot of vodka’ in Toronto, Canada before booking a taxi home.

She was looking forward to nothing more than her cosy bed.

Once home, the 36-year-old curled up on top of her legs and faced downwards on top of the covers.

Her mum Sandra, 70, checked on her during the night and told her to move from the uncomfortable-looking position.

Julia was shocked to discover she could barely move and, what’s more, her legs seemed to have doubled in size due to swelling.

An ambulance was called and rushed the terrified mum to hospital.

After undergoing tests and x-rays she was diagnosed with compartment syndrome caused by lying on her legs all night which had blocked blood flow.

Surgeons performed a gruelling life-saving op where Julia’s left leg was sliced open and muscle was cut off to relieve the swelling and reduce the toxins being released into her bloodstream.

The 36-year-old, who says she was carrying 40lb-50lb of excess fluid, was hospitalised for five weeks where she underwent dialysis, had a blood transfusion and a skin graft op.

Three years on from the January 2020 ordeal, Julia still can’t walk properly and is unable to work.

She is now bravely sharing what happened so people know to sober up before bed to avoid the same fate.

Julia, from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, said: ‘I went on a night out with friends. I remember I was drinking vodka all night, I was drinking a lot of straight liquor.

‘We didn’t eat. Pre-drinks and bar drinks combined, it was the equivalent of 20 drinks, so quite a bit.

‘I was drunker than normal. When I got home I just thought “go to bed Julia” and I passed out curled up on top of my legs face down.’

When she woke, Julia even feared she had somehow broken her legs during the pub crawl.

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