Woman bit into Greggs sandwich only to find staple ’embedded into the bread’

A woman got more than she bargained for when she bit into her sandwich from Greggs to find a staple.

Lyndsay Carter, an office worker, bit into a sandwich from Greggs only to discover a metal staple lurking inside. As she returned to her desk to enjoy her savoury snack, Ms Carter, 50, was taken aback when she noticed something shiny amid the tuna filling.

To her horror she realised it was a staple. Ms Carter’s colleagues in the office assured her they had no involvement in the incident, and she was certain the staple had not been on her desk when she began eating her lunch.

Ms Carter said: “I went and bought everybody lunch. Everybody else had got their lunch and I got mine and I just noticed something shiny in there. Luckily, I didn’t eat it because it would have ripped my mouth to pieces.

“I went back over to the stop and they said it had not come from there because the sandwiches are prepared in a factory.

“That’s fair enough, but there was no manager to speak to me, there was nothing in the way of an explanation given to me.”

She described the staple as being “embedded in the bread”, and said if she had not noticed it it might have done serious damage to her gums or teeth.

The incident left her concerned for others who might encounter similar dangers, particularly children.

Expressing her dissatisfaction with Greggs’ response, Ms Carter vowed never to purchase her lunch from the nearby shop again. Her experience has also made colleagues wary of doing so.

Ms Carter said: “What annoys me is if I cut my mouth open there would have been serious trouble. They’re lucky I caught it beforehand. I am disappointed with their reaction. It could have been a child, it could have been anything.”

A spokesperson for Greggs said: “We take all matters of food safety and hygiene seriously and are fully investigating this matter.”

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