Woman decides to divorce husband because AI told her to

Artificial intelligence captures Sun’s varying atmospheric conditions

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The relationship had reportedly come to a head after Sarah and her husband had spent months arguing.

Such was the level of tension, Sarah decided it was time to either fix or break up their union.

It was here that the Chatbot came in and gave a response Sarah said left her “shaking”.

Talking to the Mirror, she said: “I essentially asked the app to write me a story based on my current situation, and what the person in the story should do in a failing marriage while experiencing the excitement of the affair I’ve been having.”

She added: “What’s fascinating was how it picked up so well on my dilemma and even considered my own happiness.

“The end of the story told me I should put my happiness first and leave my husband, which I’ve now done.

“For the normal person using Chat:GPT for the first time, it will be an eery experience with the sort of output it is capable of.”

Sarah said the chat “gave me the push I needed to make the jump and leave a relationship that had been in the doldrums for a long time”.

However, she conceded that it was “certainly unorthodox, and not something I’d insist other women in similar situations to try. It was more of a case that I’d been around this technology, and it worked for me”.

In response to the story, a spokesperseon for the site Sarah used said: “We get hundreds of stories every month from members whose lives have been changed through reaping the benefits of meeting someone else in their life.

‘Sarah’s story is a first, but also one we really wanted to share, and we’re delighted she was happy to share it.”

What is ChatGPT?

ChatGPT was created by OpenAI, a company that can name Elon Musk as a sharehold, and can respond to a large number of questions.

Furthermore, it can also simulate dialogue and ask questions that move the conversation along.

Away from relationships, ChatGPT has begun to impact education in the UK.

Students have been suing it as a writing short-cut as some people begin to use it to write poems, songs, and other forms of writing.

Such is its potential that some universties have had to develop protocols to prevent students using it to cheat while whether employers will put in similar protocols is yet to be seen.

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