Woman 'finds dead mouse' in salad and promptly gives up diet

A woman has given up her diet after claiming she found a dead mouse in her packet of ‘ready to eat’ Sainsbury’s salad.

Christine Egerton, who lives on the Isle of Wight, said her family was ‘physically sick’ after opening the bag and discovering the body.

She said she was forced to open all the windows in her flat to let out the rancid stench of the dead mouse.

‘If this isn’t a good advert for grow your own veg I don’t know what is,’ Ms Egerton said.

‘Will NEVER be getting this EVER again it blooming reeked as to say we are not eating tonight all food thrown away we all puked up.

‘I bought it a few days ago in Newport Isle of Wight.

‘The flat stinks we have cleaned everywhere opened the windows.’

Ms Egerton added finding a mouse in her salad has made her give up on her diet and she would be returning to eating chips in the hope of avoiding similar scares in the future.

She said she was offered a ‘gesture of goodwill’ by Sainsbury’s after complaining about the incident.

A spokesperson for Sainsbury’s said: ‘We are in touch with the customer and are investigating the issue.

‘We have apologised for her experience and offered a gesture of goodwill.’

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