Woman killed in devastating house fire sparked by electrical fault

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A woman has reportedly died after a house caught fire due to an electrical fault.

Emergency services rushed to a home in Kirkby, Merseyside, after an electrical fire broke out at around 6am on Thursday, January 26. Firefighters went into the home and rescued two people from the fire, both in their 50s.

One person, believed to be a man, was suffering from severe smoke inhalation and was taken to hospital, reports the Liverpool Echo.

The other person was a woman who suffered from significant burns. She was rushed into the care of North West Ambulance Service before being taken to hospital.

Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service has since confirmed the woman died of her injuries a short time later.

A cordon was put in place by police and investigations into the fire started. After the joint investigation between the fire service and Merseyside Police took place, it found the cause to be an electrical fault.

A spokesperson for the fire service said: “Three fire engines attended. Fire crews arrived at the property to find a fire on the first floor of the house.

“Firefighters entered the house under rapid deployment wearing breathing apparatus and fought the fire with a high-pressure hose reel while searching for occupants. 

“Firefighters were able to rescue two occupants, one of whom was suffering from severe smoke inhalation and received first aid immediately from firefighters and another resident who was suffering from significant burns and was delivered immediately into the care of North West Ambulance Service before being taken to hospital.

“Tragically we can confirm that the female resident who suffered burns in the fire has since died of her injuries.”

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