Woman left speechless after finding 100-year-old chocolate bar under floorboards

A woman has been blown away after finding a rare 100-year-old Dairy Milk bar under her floorboards.

Emma Young, 51, made the amazing discovery after pulling the original floorboards in her bathroom whilst renovating her 1932 property in Plymouth, Devon.

At first, she thought it was some rubbish, but when Ms Young recognised the distinctive purple colour of the packaging she sent Cadbury’s an inquiry.

They confirmed that the box was genuine and had been produced between 1930 and 1934, nearly 100 years ago.

When the box was produced King George V, Queen Elizabeth II’s grandfather, was still on the throne.

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When the box was produced one chocolate bar would have cost around six pence.

Ms Young said closer examination revealed there was no chocolate inside and she suspects it may have been eaten by a builder when her house was built in 1932.

Despite the passage of time, Ms Young said the box was in “pristine” condition and that it was currently living on her mantlepiece.

She said she hopes to have the box framed and displayed for other people to enjoy.

Speaking to MailOnline, Ms Young said: “What stunned me a lot was its condition. It’s in such good nick and one side is pristine – you wouldn’t believe that it was nearly 100 years old.

“I think because it’s so old, I was expecting it to be almost illegible but apart from one side that had been chewed by mice, the other side looks like something you’d put on a shelf.”

Ms Young added that the box said it was made in the garden village of Bournville.

She said: “There’s no chocolate inside, someone’s had the treasure. It’s an obvious sleeve, I think the bar inside would have slid out.”

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Ms Young said she originally moved into her house in 2016 and was in the process of gradually renovating the property.

When the box was found she was in the process of updating the upstairs bathroom.

She said: “As we were lifting the floor and found the original floorboards, we were having a look and suddenly put our hand underneath and pulled out what looked like just rubbish.

“We dusted off the dust and found it to be this beautiful cardboard, it’s almost a tube, which has the distinctive Cadbury’s colours but I didn’t recognise it as a chocolate bar.”

The box in question is around 16cm long and 3cm wide.

Ms Young said Cadbury’s had always been a favourite chocolate of hers and that the box was more than a wrapper.

She said her children realised the significance of the find when she told them it was other than their grandmother.

Ms Young added: “It’s got a lot of sentimental value. I think it might have to be framed and go on the bathroom wall with the date of the find because that’s where it belongs, so we’ll put it back where we found it but in full view this time.”

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