Woman left with ‘blood squirting everywhere’ after dog attack

A woman was left with “blood squirting everywhere” after she says a dog attacked her and her puppy as they enjoyed a walk in the park. Jucena Ali, 27, was with short-haired border collie Reggie on Saturday April 29 in Cwmdonkin Park, Swansea, South Wales, when she decided to queue for an ice cream. Ms Ali said she noticed a dog approaching her and Reggie with a lead attached to its collar but with no one holding onto the animal.

Ms Ali, 27, said as she moved her puppy out of the way the approaching dog bit her on the arm once before taking a second bite and shaking its head from side to side before letting go.

Stunned by the encounter Ms Ali said she “screamed in pain” and then started to feel “something warm trickling” down her arm, Wales Online reports.

With blood coming from the bite wound Ms Ali said nearby bystanders came to her aid. She said: “Because I screamed in pain, I think that’s when the owner decided to take the dog off me.

“I felt something warm trickling down my arm so I lifted up my sleeve and there was blood squirting everywhere. There was blood dripping down my arms and down my fingers and my poor dog was covered in my own blood.”

Ms Ali, from Swansea, South Wales, said a woman came over an applied pressure to her arm to help stem the bleeding.

She added: “The fatty tissue of where it bit me was hanging out and it was gross.”

Following the attack, Ms Ali said she felt sick and dizzy and a server at the cafe bandaged her arm up for her. Not wanting to leave her dog alone while she went to the hospital, she went home first before calling 111.

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Ms Ali then got a taxi to the Minor Injuries Unit in Neath Port Talbot on Saturday evening and was then referred to Morriston Hospital. She said she went home to look after Reggie overnight and then visited the hospital the following morning.

While she was waiting for a doctor to assess her, the room started to fill up with staff and other patients. She said an anxiety she suffers from could be worsened by being in busy rooms and when she went to stand up to go to the toilet she fainted. Doctors kept her in hospital for six-and-a-half hours on Sunday after the incident and Ms Ali said she went for another check-up on Tuesday and, although there is no infection, the area now feels numb.

She said: “I’m really scared to go to Cwmdonkin now and I’m currently really scared of any dogs coming up to me or my pup. I don’t want people to say all dogs should be on leads. You just need to be closer to your dog and pay more attention to its body language.”

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