Woman outraged after being fined for 16 seconds car park overstay

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A woman has vented her fury for being fined £60 after staying 16 seconds too long in a car park. The woman was slapped with a fine after she paid for 30 minutes of parking and left after 30 minutes and 16 seconds. The woman, who remains anonymous, took to the forums of Mumsnet to share her anger.

She has since appealed the fine but remins doubtful whether she has grounds to dispute it.

The car park was operated by a private parking management company, and the payment was submitted through a parking app.

The post on Mumsnet read: “I am so cross. I have received a fine from the National Parking Control for £60.

“I paid for 30 minutes on the Ringo App and they said I was on the car park for 30 minutes and 16 seconds.”

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The woman, who was asking for advice, continued: “It just feels criminal that they can do this.

“I have appealed with photo evidence of the Ringo app payment and they have declined with no explanation.

“I have escalated the appeal. Am I being unreasonable to hold my nerve as I can’t believe this fine will be upheld in court?”

Later, the woman explained that there was a camera at the entrance to the car park which timed the entrance and exit, which on the Ringo app said was 1.51:44pm and 2.22pm respectively.

The responses on the forum were divided, with many sympathising with the woman and saying there should be some sort of grace period to get in and out of the car park.

One user, TheWorldsGoneMadAndSoHaveI, wrote: “Hold your nerve. I do believe they are supposed to give you a number of minutes grace too.

“They won’t take you to court for 16 seconds, they won’t win.”

However, others said that the issue was black-and-white, as one user, makemineadoublee, wrote: “You didn’t pay for 16 seconds. There is no leeway, just pay the fine.”

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The woman later responded to the comments: “I have escalated to the next appeal and have also send an email to the company asking them exactly what I am being charged for and also asked for a copy of their camera calibration certificate and a copy of their terms and conditions.

“I have tried to call them 10 times for clarification and despite the voice mail promising a call back they are yet to call. I will keep all logs as evidence that I have tried to resolve this.”

This comes a month after a student successfully appealed against her own £60 parking fine by using a letter written by an artificial intelligence chatbot.

Millie Houlton asked ChatGPT to “please help me write a letter to the council, they gave me a parking ticket” and sent it off.

The authority at York City Council later withdrew the fine notice.

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