Woman praised for embracing ‘hairy bikini body’ and urging others to ditch razor

A woman who advocates for showing off your body regardless of “beauty standards” has pledged to continue posing in her bikini despite claiming she has a “hairy body”.

TikTok user Lydi shared videos of her swimming in a public swimming pool as she wrote: “If your body is in a bikini then it’s a bikini body. Show it off!”

The video went on to show her getting out of the pool to show off her body which she chooses not to shave.

Dubbing herself @lydihairy on the app, she is part of a growing brigade of women who refuse to adopt a hair-free approach.

She chooses not to shave her body – including her legs and bikini line – as she encourages other women to embrace the movement.

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@lydihairy What do you think of my bikini body? #hairycreator #hairyfans #bodyhair #bikinibody #hairybikini ♬ Original Sound – Unknown

For some, the new movement is seen as a feminist act as women across the world ditch razors, tweezers and waxing.

It goes against the long-established convention of hair removal for women, with some even lasering off their hair to keep up with the beauty standards.

But Lydi refuses to hide her hairy body, as she shows she doesn’t have an ounce of self-consciousness when it comes to wearing a bikini in public.

One person wrote: “Hairy girls in bikinis – nothing better in my eyes.”

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But some hit back at the TikToker’s choice of lifestyle, with one writing: “Scene from a Planet of the Apes movie.”

While another said: “Wild boar in a bikini.”

But the influencer appears to have some support, with more than 3,000 followers on the app.

Her video received more than 97,000 views and 2,480 likes, with numerous “beautiful” comments left in support.

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