Woman reduced to tears after accidentally booking room in ‘sex hotel’

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A woman said she could hear sex noises every night after accidentally booking a room at a notorious “sex hotel” in Manchester. Sylv shared her crazy story online, claiming she was working on a film being shot in Manchester and checked into a nearby hotel for a place to stay. However, her coworkers swiftly warned her that she had in fact booked a room at a sex hotel. Sylv, a singer, explained in a video she posted on social media: “I accidentally stayed in a sex hotel in Manchester, and I need to get it off my chest.”

She added: “I told them where I was staying, they were like, ‘yeah, that’s like a notorious, dodgy hotel in like a hotel for like sex and prostitution.’

“I was like, ‘Okay, that explains a lot.’ After checking in on my first day, I was waiting for the elevator and I was approached by two guys, they started chatting to me and I’m like, well, that’s fine. I’ll chat to anyone.’

“But they started saying like, ‘oh, do you want some company while you’re here? You gonna be busy?’

“I initially thought they were just hitting on me, but now looking back, maybe they were offering their services, I don’t know.

“Every single night I was there, it was like stereo sex noises. The room beside me was having sex. The room beside me that way was having sex.

“The room across from me was having sex every fucking single night. I’m not a prude, but it was a little bit much for me.”

In the caption below the video, Sylv described how she saw couples “every time I used the elevator… like everyone was in a pair I swear lmao.”

Viewers in the comments of her TikTok post saw the funny side of the bizarre story.

One person commented: “Sounds like a place I should visit.”

Another said: “Hotel name? For research purposes.”

A third added: “Those hotels are going to get a lot of business now.”

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