Woman terrorised by colleague from hell who ‘scratched and hit her with tray’

Posting on Reddit, the troubled restaurant worker said that she had been at her current workplace for a year, and got on with everyone she worked with except for one person. 

She claims the colleague spends her day trying to catch her making mistakes so she can complain to their line manager about her, who would in turn discover nothing wrong had happened.

She recently went from working three days a week to five, and now can’t bare to be there while her work nemesis watches over her every day, but her manager says it’s just “catfighting” and that it’s a “problem women have wanting everyone to be their friends”. 

More recently she claimed the woman she works with spilt hot coffee on her back, scratched her with a fork, hit her with a tray and a door, and locked her out of the locker room so she could not change. 

She said: “I started working with her around this time last year before I came along she was the only female working with an all-male staff. I get along with everyone except her. 

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“I used to only cover two to three days but those days I hated because every day she’d run to the manager saying I didn’t do something right, he would investigate and ultimately dismiss her and tell her he didn’t find that to be true. 

“I would tell him how she spends most of the day following me around to make sure I don’t do something she can run to tell him about it, and how she is rude to me, makes faces and talks behind my back to our other coworkers as if I can’t hear her and if I simply ask a question she gives me attitude. 

“She isn’t the best at cleaning her tables or running her food but that’s a job I didn’t mind doing as we all help each other, except for her, who never helps anyone and that’s something we have all told the manager about. 

“She’s ‘accidentally’ spilt hot coffee on my back, scratched me with a fork, hit me with a tray, and hit me with a door. Not to mention locking me out of the locker room knowing I had to change as well.”

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The woman said things are worse now that she has upped her shifts from three days a week to five because she now has to work with her every day of the week. After having meetings with her manager, she claims the issue is dismissed and she should just be able to “get along with her”. 

She said: “Lately my work days have increased I do four to five days now and every day again it’s something, I’m constantly walking on eggshells and I’m just there to work and get my job done, I don’t want issues. 

“My manager has had meetings with me due to my frustration and he just says it’s cat fighting and that that’s a problem women have cause we want everyone to be our friends.

“I told him she makes me uncomfortable and that I’m not the only one she makes uncomfortable but he always just pushes that we’re just silly for not getting along.” 

After going to HR she was issued an apology by the staff member.

She said: “My manager said she said sorry and had her give me a half-a** apology and I do have a case open with her in HR but my manager doesn’t want me to take her back to HR cause he doesn’t want to deal with it.” 

The post was filled with comments on how the woman should deal with the issue, with one claiming it “reeks of sexism”.

The commenter said: “Make sure you let them know that your Manager is calling blatant harassment ‘catfighting’ with only two female servers it reeks of sexism.”

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