Woman's phobia of Scottish accents makes her 'feel sick' when she hears it

A woman is so scared of Scottish accents she says wants to vomit when she hears it.

Kirsty Baker, from Hampshire, claims she experiences heart palpitations and nausea whenever a Scot opens their mouth around her.

The 32-year-old’s fear is so bad she regularly turns down dates over worries she will hear the Caledonian twang.

Most recently, she dropped her shopping basket and ran out of a supermarket after hearing a Scotsman talk.

She told The Daily Record: ‘If I hear a Scottish accent, I literally start to panic. My heart races and I feel really sick. It’s awful.’

Kirsty reckons her fear began when she was ten-years old whilst attending a boat show, where a man wearing a traditional Scottish Tam O’Shanter hat and red wig came walking up to her on skilts.

She said: ‘The man started speaking in a thick accent and the way he looked and sounded just terrified me. I ran away and hid from my parents.

‘Since then I’ve been scared of Scottish voices.’

Her love life has also been deeply impacted by her phobia, as she is ‘missing out on good looking guys’.

‘I’ve had a few men message me online and the moment I find out they’re from Scotland, I ask if they’re Scottish. If they are, I explain about my phobia.

‘Most of them think I’m joking, but when I tell them I’m serious, they just find it hilarious. I tell them I don’t have anything against Scottish people, just their voices.

‘I’ve definitely missed out on some good looking guys because of my fear.’

Even at home, Kirsty is not able to escape her living nightmare, with her older brothers breaking out in the accent regularly.

She explained: ‘They’re always taking the Mickey out of me. Imitating the accent out of the blue.

‘They don’t realise how triggering it is for me, I have to leave the room.’

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