You could soon ditch passwords thanks to 'passkeys'

Always forgetting your passwords? 1Password wants to change that by introducing biometric-based passkey technology.

In contrast with its name, the password manager, wants to do away with traditional passwords with passkeys.

‘They’re easier to use, harder to steal or crack, and built on proven, open standards designed to make logging in to your favorite apps and services faster and more secure,’ said the company in a blog post.

This goes beyond unlocking an app with biometrics which has been around for a while. However, they don’t actually replace the password but only mask it.

While passkeys also use biometrics, they go a step further and eliminate the underlying password entirely.

If they get this right, all you’ll ever need to sign in to 1Password, unlock your vaults, and securely access your data is your one passkey.

Unlike user-created passwords, passkeys are strong and unique by default. They’re generated and stored on your devices and are also resistant to phishing.

‘They’re safeguarded by biometrics and hardware-level security. And we’re building them to be portable between all your devices and platforms,’ said 1 Password.

Last year, Apple announced that they wanted to get rid of passwords for good with passkeys on the iOS 16 update.

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