‘You don’t want be a royal!’ Prince Harry criticised for Lilibet christening claims

Meghan and Harry: Pundits on possible return to UK with Lilibet

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Royal experts of US Weekly, Molly Mulshine and Christina Garibaldi discussed the possibility of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s daughter Lilibet being christened in the UK. During their show, Ms Garibaldi argued it was an odd situation for the royals to be in. She remarked that Prince Harry decided he didn’t want to be a part of the life of royal traditions when he stepped down as a senior working member of the Royal Family.

Ms Mulshine also remarked that the importance of a christening is the religious aspect, not the location.

Ms Garibaldi said: “Prince Harry didn’t want to be a part of the Royal Family.

“Now wanting a royal christening to keep a tradition, it is so hard.

“On one hand, Prince Harry is part of the family, you want him to have those traditions.

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“But also, he didn’t want to have those traditions.

“It becomes a question of where is this balance.”

Ms Garibaldi also discussed whether Prince William could prevent the christening from happening.

She said: “I also don’t know if Prince William has the authority to veto that.

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“I feel like the Queen would have the ultimate decision, maybe Prince William gave his opinion and said I don’t think this is necessary.

“Also if Prince Harry came over and did that it is what everybody would be talking about.

“I feel like Prince Harry and Meghan should christen the baby in California if that is what they want.

“Then maybe they come to the UK over the holidays this year and kind of do it that way.”

Ms Mulshine also argued against the need for travelling to the UK for a religious ceremony that can be done anywhere.

She said: “That really isn’t the point of a christening.

“It is not really supposed to be a big trip and a splashy thing, it is just supposed to be a run of the mill church service.”

She also said: “If you actually care about christening your baby and the religious aspect of it, it is not about where you do it.

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“It is just about getting it done.

“I understand it is tradition for the royal babies to be christened in Windsor and it is a beautiful place but I don’t know.

“If they are going to have a party for Lilibet it seems weird to do a late christening.

“It doesn’t seem like the right way to do it, in my opinion.”

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