‘You never know’ Killer great white shark could be patrolling British coast, expert fears

Incredible moment shark gets eaten by massive fish

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Shark expert Mally Rice, 46, fears a great white shark could be swimming through UK waters after a porpoise was found with enormous bite marks near a north Wales seaside resort. According to the Daily Star, Mr Rice said: “If you look at the crescent shape on the top, no propeller could cut in that shape.

“Maybe it’s a great white.

“Our waters are a lot colder but you never know.”

Mr Mally, who has reportedly studied sharks for all of his life, stumbled upon the carcass while on a dog walk at Talacre beach, near Prestatyn.

The shark expert added: “It could have been a porbeagle shark or a blue shark – can’t see anything else in our waters doing that.

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“Even then it’s extremely rare that an animal the size of a fully-grown porpoise will be attacked in this manner by a shark swimming in British waters.”

Porpoises, which bear a close resemblance to dolphins, are commonly spotted off the north Wales coastline.

While there has never been a confirmed sighting of a great white shark off the British coast, experts suggest there is no reason why it couldn’t happen.

Professor Yannis Papastamatiou from National Geographic told the Sun earlier this year: “Britain is arguably the best place in the world to see a basking shark, and porbeagles are quite common in the UK.

“Fishers do occasionally catch them.

“They’re a close relation of the white shark.

“They are probably the species most frequently misidentified as a white shark, which is an understandable mistake.”

Professor Papastamatiou added: “There’s no reason why they couldn’t come here.

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“They are often found in areas where the water is just as cold as it is here.

“We know they’re in the Mediterranean.”

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