You never want to see this four digit code linked to your parcels

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Royal Mail workers are always extremely busy at this time of year, with many of us placing online shopping orders to make the most of the sales.

However, this year has been more problematic than usual, with a number of us having to wait longer for our parcels or Christmas gifts as posties have been walking out in a row over pay and working conditions.

Royal Mail urged people to send Christmas parcels in advance, but this has resulted in a backlog of post, exacerbating the situation.

On top of this, some people will have missed their deliveries due to not being home or not getting to the door in time.

When deliveries are missed, Royal Mail uses a special code, reports The Liverpool Echo.

For failed deliveries, our postal workers use the code P739, something we all dread to see.

If you receive a P739 card, this means you will have to collect the item from the sorting office yourself, which can mean having to wait until the next day depending on what time you find the card.

However, in some cases, you may be able to organise a redelivery. This is possible to arrange via the Royal Mail app.

Last year, one postal worker vowed not to deliver mail to a resident after they left a ranting note accusing him of “pretending” to ring their doorbell with a parcel.

The postman adamantly denied the accusation, and a Royal Mail spokesperson at the time said: “Every single item of mail is important to us.

“Our postmen and women work extremely hard to deliver to mail to customers across the country, six days a week, in all weathers.

“Thankfully the vast majority of items are securely delivered to customers, but if we believe a customer is not at home, we will attempt to deliver the item to a neighbour and leave a card.

“If we can’t deliver to them, we’ll leave a card and take the item back to the Customer Service Point where customers can either collect it or arrange a redelivery.

“We would advise anyone who has delivery concerns can contact the Royal Mail customer service team.”

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