‘Your degree won’t protect you!’ BBC Question Time audience member trolled by panellist

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Tim Stanley, 40, called out a pen-wielding vaccine sceptic after the audience member challenged a world-renowned expert on coronavirus jabs. The Telegraph columnist, who stood as the Labour candidate in Sevenoaks in the 2005 general election, opened his intervention in last night’s programme by applauding the BBC for encouraging a conversation on COVID-19 vaccines.

He also suggested it was wrong to “impose” vaccinations on those working in the NHS.

However, Mr Stanley then turned his attention to the moral case and took aim at an ex-university student in the audience.

He said: “On the moral point, I mean the gentleman with his degree in philosophy, which is a good thing to have by the way, but of course, it won’t protect you from a virus.

“Whereas, degrees in medicine are probably much more useful in that regard.”

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Mr Stanley was referring to an earlier encounter between Imperial College London professor Robin Shattock, 58, and the audience member.

The audience member, who came accompanied with pages of paper, said: “I’ve looked at the data myself.

“I believe the data you are talking about is the yellow card reporting scheme.”

While he continued to challenge the vaccine expert, BBC host Fiona Bruce, 57, asked whether anything Professor Shattock said could convince him.

He replied: “I studied philosophy at university and I learned that an appeal to authority is not an automatic win of an argument.”

But the audience member locked horns with the Professor yet again this time over the role Robert Malone, 62, had in developing mRNA vaccines, with the professor describing the graduate’s comments as “nonsense”.

This week’s episode of Question Time was a Covid special and BBC host Fiona Bruce, 57, called for unvaccinated guests to apply to join the discussion in Tottenham.

Speaking about the decision to invite unjabbed audience members, Ms Bruce said in January: “There are many different reasons why people have chosen not to get the vaccine – we would be interested to explore some of those issues.”

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More than 91 percent of Brits aged 12 and over have received at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

The number who have been jabbed on two occasions currently stands at 84 percent and the total who have been inoculated with a booster vaccine sits at just over 65 percent.

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