Zara Tindall’s husband Mike shares hilarious picture after home art lesson goes wrong

Zara Tindall watches as Lena gatecrashes Mike’s podcast

Mike took to Instagram to publish a very peculiar selfie. The former rugby player can be seen smiling to the camera – with his face heavily marked by black and white paint.

His beard had also been coloured, covered in red and yellow paint.

Joking, the dad-of-two wrote on Instagram: “Feel like I succeeded in home schooling arts and crafts today!!!!

“Any movies out there need a creepy villain I think I fit the bill!!”

The picture has received thousands of likes within hours and attracted dozens of comments.

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Some Instagram users praised Mike for being a good father, while others joked he could take part in The Lion King or in “a horror movie”.

Mike did not reveal which one of his daughters used his face as a canvas.

Seven-year-old Mia is currently being homeschooled by her parents after the Government ordered schools to be shut down in the midst of the third national lockdown.

During the first national lockdown, Mike had opened up on how difficult it was to maintain his daughter focused on her school work.

He told the Daily Telegraph in May: “I don’t think any child is a great homeschooler because they definitely listen to other people better than they listen to their parents.

“[Mia] can be brilliant one minute and then something you’ve seen her do a thousand times she’ll just go ‘I don’t know how to do that’ and then you go ‘well I know you do’, and she’ll just say ‘no I don’t’ and then you get frustrated, and you’re trying not to get frustrated.”

He added: “She enjoyed it the first week because it was different being around Mum and Dad all the time.

“But then, ultimately, it’s the same people who are telling her off or telling her what to do and I think then she gets bored of that.”

Mike and Zara also have another daughter, two-year-old Lena.

The toddler recently appeared on camera after crashing her father’s studio as he was recording an episode of his podcast – The Good, The Bad and The Rugby.

Lena politely asked for the funny Christmas headband Mike was wearing and, after taking hold of it, strolled outside of the room.

But she quickly returned in the company of her elder sister Mia.

The younger daughter of Mike asked for a cuddle while Mia gave back the hat to her father and offered him a spoonful of her meal.

During the podcast he co-hosts with Alex Payne and James Haskell, Mike also revealed Zara is expecting their third child.

The England team world champion said that, after fathering two girls, he’s keen on having a son.

He said: “I’d like a boy this time, I’ve got two girls, I would like a boy.

“I’ll love it whether a boy or a girl – but please be a boy.”

Similarly to Zara, Mia and Lena, the upcoming baby Tindall won’t bear a royal title.

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