Alisha Marie Shares Her Secrets To Being a Successful YouTuber

Alisha Marie is spilling ALL the tea!

In her new video, the social star shares a bunch of her tips and tricks on how to become a super successful YouTuber.

“k should be a new vid today!!! just final editing and realized i never filmed an outro and im a full fetus rn who’s still sick so brb let me go try to film something lol,” she teased ahead of releasing the video.

Alisha also recently talked about how she’s been gone from online lately and that she doesn’t like it.

“Realized I’ve pretty much been gone from Instagram and YouTube and vlogs lately and I don’t like it at all..that’s gunna change! Still trying to figure out this whole “balance” idea for life,” she tweeted.

“But i will say tonight im feeling super grateful for it all..I’m sorry if it ever seems like I take this job for granted cause I don’t! I love you and I’m also super drugged up on cold medicine but I mean every word of it ??,” Alisha added.

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