Conservative Columnist Goes To Town On ‘Most Dangerous Threat’ Tucker Carlson

How 1.1 billion flowers are imported and inspected in the US for Valentine's Day each year

  • Most Valentine’s Day flowers in US grocery stores come from farms in Colombia.
  • Roses, daisies, and other flowers have as little as 48 hours to be cut and flown to Miami.
  • In Miami, workers with Customs and Border Protection inspects the flowers for harmful bugs and diseases.
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Now empty, the biggest restaurant in NYC's Chinatown is delivering dim sum kits to celebrate Lunar New Year

  • Lunar New Year is usually the busiest time of year for the biggest restaurant in New York City’s Chinatown.
  • But the pandemic has left Jing Fong’s dining hall empty this year, so chefs are preparing dim sum kits for delivery.
  • The 43-year-old restaurant has lost 80% of its revenue during the pandemic.
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CDC not recommending COVID-19 tests for domestic air travel 'at this time'

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said on Friday it is not currently recommending requiring COVID-19 testing for all domestic air travelers, after the idea sparked strong opposition from U.S. airlines, unions and some lawmakers.

The CDC said on Jan. 26 that it was “actively looking” at the idea. A spokeswoman for the agency on Friday said the agency was not calling for required testing “at this time.”

Trump Lawyer Claims ‘There Was No Insurrection’ And Twitter Users Pounce

Donald Trump’s impeachment attorney made a dubious legal argument on Friday when he claimed that the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol wasn’t actually an insurrection.

Bruce Castor contended that “clearly, there was no insurrection” because the people who stormed the Capitol didn’t actually succeed in overthrowing the federal government.

“Insurrection is a term of art defined in the law that involves taking over a country, a shadow government, taking the TV stations over and having some plan of what you will do when you finally take power,” Castor told the Senate. Clearly, this is not that.”

But many Twitter users found big flaws in Castor’s insurrection argument since it ignored the accepted dictionary definition of the term.

Castor’s argument also ignored the fact that both senators and the Justice Department have been calling the Jan. 6 attack an “insurrection” for weeks.

You can see Castor try to make his case below:

Lincoln Project Co-Founder Steve Schmidt Resigns From Board Amid Scandal

Steve Schmidt, the co-founder of the powerful Lincoln Project that has battled Donald Trump, has resigned amid allegations against another co-founder of sexual harassment.

His resignation Friday was first reported by Axios.

The resignation comes after co-founder John Weaver was accused of sending sexually explicit messages via email or in phone calls to some 20 men,  including to employees of The Lincoln Project. The organization has come under fire for not taking immediate action when the accusations surfaced. 

Schmidt, a longtime Republican strategist, said he was “incandescently angry” about Weaver in a rambling, startling statement he posted Friday on Twitter in which revealed being the victim of molestation as a boy at camp. “I detest John Weaver in a way I can’t articulate,” he added. Schmidt said he first learned of Weaver’s behavior last month. 

Regardless of his feelings about Weaver, Schmidt also said he was “enormously proud” of what The Lincoln Project has accomplished.

In the wake of the Weaver accusations, The Lincoln Project has come under increasing scrutiny. The Associated Press reported Thursday that the mostly Republican-led organization has spent about $50 million mostly on firms controlled by its leaders.

This is a developing story. Please check back for updates.

Driver killed in South Otago crash

One person has died following a crash in South Otago, police have confirmed.

The single-vehicle crash on Owaka Highway at Romahapa was reported about 8.35am today, but is believed to have happened overnight.

The driver and sole occupant of the vehicle died at the scene, police said.

Officers remain at the scene this afternoon and the Serious Crash Unit have been called in. Fire crews from Balclutha also attended.

One person dead after water incident at Mt Maunganui

One person’s died following a water incident in Mount Maunganui.

Emergency services were called to the Pilot Bay area just before 2.30pm to reports of an unconscious person.

A police spokesperson says ambulance staff treated the person at scene, but unfortunately they died.

The death is being referred to the coroner.

9 new Covid-19 cases in S'pore, all imported; no locally transmitted cases

SINGAPORE – There are no new cases of locally transmitted Covid-19 infections as of noon on Feb 13 (Saturday).

In its daily update, the Ministry of Health (MOH) said there are nine imported cases. All had already been placed on stay-home notice (SHN) when they arrived in Singapore.

Further updates will be provided on Saturday night, MOH said.

Conservative Columnist Goes To Town On ‘Most Dangerous Threat’ Tucker Carlson

Conservative columnist Max Boot warned in his latest op-ed for The Washington Post why Fox News personality Tucker Carlson may now pose “the most dangerous threat” to American democracy.

Carlson “seems to be on a mission to make America’s worst problems even worse,” declared Boot.

Boot recalled some of Carlson’s more egregious takes in recent weeks — from his repeated casting of doubt on coronavirus vaccines to his peddling of falsehoods about the police killing of George Floyd.

“That Carlson is spreading dingbat, dishonest conspiracy theories from such a powerful perch is certain to have deleterious, even deadly, consequences for the country,” cautioned Boot.

Boot noted how Carlson, whose prime time show is watched by millions, just this week attempted to “paint Fox News as a lonely, embattled champion of free speech.”

“No one is trying to punish Fox News for expressing ‘slightly different’ views. I am a staunch believer in free speech,” said Boot.

“But that is not what Carlson represents. He is peddling lunatic conspiracy theories that endanger people’s lives and shred our social fabric,” the pundit concluded. “The executives at Fox News — and at the cable systems that carry it — should be ashamed of themselves for beaming this dangerous claptrap into millions of homes.” 

Read the full editorial here.