COVID-19: Ecuador struggles to bury the dead as bodies pile up

US accused of 'hijacking' coronavirus supplies

Shortage of medical protective gear prompts bidding war amid claims the US is using unscrupulous tactics to take its share.

Countries and even cities are competing for supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE), including masks, gloves and gowns, for healthcare workers.

The global shortage of the equipment amid the coronavirus pandemic has led to a bidding war between countries.

Al Jazeera’s Sara Khairat reports.

US recommends face masks, Trump says he will not follow advice

US health officials tell people to wear face masks as infections soar past a quarter of a million.

The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is recommending Americans wear masks in public to protect against the coronavirus.

But President Donald Trump says wearing masks is voluntary, and that he has chosen not to follow that advice.

The United States is now the global epicentre of the pandemic, with more than 277,000 confirmed cases.

Al Jazeera’s Shihab Rattansi reports from Washington, DC.

EU Approves Novo Nordisk’s Rybelsus To Treat Type 2 Diabetes

Novo Nordisk said that the European Commission has granted marketing authorisation for Rybelsus for the treatment of adults with insufficiently controlled type 2 diabetes to improve glycaemic control as an adjunct to diet and exercise.

The marketing authorisation applies to all 27 European Union member states and the United Kingdom.

The company expects to launch Rybelsus in the EU countries in the second half of 2020.

Rybelsus is approved in the US, Switzerland and EU as an adjunct to diet and exercise to improve glycemic control in adults with type 2 diabetes. It is administered once daily and is approved for use in two therapeutic dosages, 7 mg and 14 mg.

Rybelsus is currently under review by several regulatory agencies, including the Japanese Pharmaceuticals and Medical Devices Agency.

Melania Trump Issues Pandemic Safety Advice That POTUS Says He’ll Likely Ignore

Melania Trump on Friday tweeted for people to “take social distancing & wearing a mask/face covering seriously” in a bid to stop the spread of the coronavirus:

The first lady’s appeal may be ignored by her own husband, however, as President Donald Trump around the same time told reporters at the daily task force update that he likely won’t follow new Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines that urge citizens to don masks in public at all times.

“This is voluntary. I don’t think I am going to be doing it,” said Trump, who later claimed he just didn’t see himself wearing one while greeting other world leaders in the Oval Office.

The mixed messages did not go unnoticed on Twitter:

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Cameroon Anglophone crisis: Women bear the brunt of violence

Three years of separatist fighting in Cameroon has left its scars. Al Jazeera hears from a victim of gang rape.

The United Nations secretary-general is repeating his appeal for a global ceasefire during the coronavirus pandemic.

Some armed groups have answered that call, including separatists in Cameroon.

But a temporary truce is not enough for the million people forced from their homes during the country’s three-year conflict.

Al Jazeera’s Nicolas Haque reports.

COVID-19 effect: US service sector among hardest hit by lockdown

Unemployment in the United States grows at an alarming rate and there have been significant job losses in the service industry.

As the United States unemployment numbers grow at an alarming rate, those who work in the service industry are being decimated.

Bars, restaurants and hotels have been forced to close, leaving many facing an uncertain future.

Retailers too are seeing dramatic changes as they are forced to lay off staff.

In states like Florida, where tourism is a key financial driver, the economic landscape is facing a dramatic change.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from Miami.

Two killed in knife attack in southeastern France: mayor

LYON, France (Reuters) – Two people were killed and four others injured in a knife attack in the southeastern French town of Romans-sur-Isère on Saturday, the mayor said.

The attack took place in the morning outside a bakery where customers had queued, according to Mayor Marie-Hélène Thoraval who said the assailant had been arrested.

COVID-19: Ecuador struggles to bury the dead as bodies pile up

Anger and frustration in Ecuador where families face unusual challenges as they try to bury their dead.

Ecuador is preparing to create a “camp for the dead” as it struggles with one of the worst COVID-19 outbreaks in Latin America.

More than 3,000 people are reported to have been infected, and 145 people have died.

Hospitals and morgues are at a breaking point in the largest city.

Al Jazeera’s John Holman reports.