Graeme Thomas King Reveals If You Can Really Trust Jeremy on ‘The Perfectionists’

Everyone has secrets on Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists, and that includes Graeme Thomas King‘s character, Jeremy Beckett.

Speaking in a recent interview, the British actor opened up about if viewers can really trust him.

“He’s English and I was told to never trust anyone that was English in ‘Pretty Little Liars’, so probably best not to trust him,” Graeme says.

He adds, “But you can’t trust anyone in the show, I still don’t trust them and I was in it!

“That’s the beauty of the writing, you don’t know who to trust and Marlene [King] and Charlie Craig and all the writers, they create these multilayered characters and that’s so interesting as an actor to work with that sort of stuff.”

Stay tuned for an all new episode of The Perfectionists, tomorrow on Freeform.

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