Guest review

He roaring ’20s are alive again and I’ve never felt so alive either. My girlfriend and I spent the weekend in Calgary visiting her brother. We wanted a little bit of excitement in our lives so we decided to follow a recommendation from a friend and visit Escape Hour. I’m a sucker for zoot suits and speakeasies so we decided to check out the Prohibition room.

I’ve been to a couple of escape rooms previously but was underwhelmed. I gotta say that Escape Hour doesn’t disappoint. I felt like I had stepped into a time machine. Beads of sweat dripped down my neck as the clock ticked. I really felt like the pressure was on while I had been transported to the Lucky Duck Speakeasy. We barely made it out alive but fortunately we work well together as a team We took down that kingpin in the nick of time and made our daring escape.

Escape Hour does a convincing job at transporting the aspiring escape artist to a different world. The imagery and intricacy of the room design successfully gave us that satisfying experience of suspension of disbelief. I definitely want to come back and check out some of the other rooms next time I’m in town. My partner really wants to check out the Matrix themed room and her brother is itching to check out the VR shooter being the tech junkie that he is.

I can easily see this being an excellent teambuilding experience for workgroups and business partners. When we thought we weren’t going to make our escape in time we came together and collaborated in a way we hadn’t done in quite some time and I honestly feel like we’ve been working better since.

Whether you’re young or old, there is a game room for everyone at Escape Hour. Our room was quite difficult but we were informed that there are different complexity levels for other rooms. I like a good challenge though so I’m satisfied that we gravitated to something a little more difficult.

The staff was incredibly helpful and knowledgable as well. We felt like our experience was specially tailored to us. We didn’t feel rushed. In fact, the staff encouraged us to have the fullest experience and to take our time. The pricing was very reasonable for the quality of the experience that we received. Highly recommended! Can’t wait to go back!