Jennifer Nettles speaks her truth with ‘I Can Do Hard Things’ single, essay

Jennifer Nettles’ new single “I Can Do Hard Things” isn’t just a song — it’s a mission statement, which the 44-year-old country favorite released Friday alongside an essay explaining the meaning behind its songwriting.

For Nettles, “I Can Do Hard Things” was inspired by her journey towards fully-formed adulthood, calling the song “a real-life heart opening to what it means to be a grown woman.”

“As women we are taught that we must do it all and act like we like doing it all,” she wrote in her essay on Medium. “That, for example, our love for our children is somehow contingent upon our love of every moment of being a mother. As if Life were an ‘either/or’ instead of what it really is: ‘both/and.’ And as I began to acknowledge that Truth within me, that coexistente holding of everything all at once, I began to learn about pain and resilience and strength and tenderness.”

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