Olympic snowboard gold medalist Chloe Kim speaks out on experience with Asian-hate comments

22nd woman files civil lawsuit against Texans QB Deshaun Watson, alleging sexual misconduct

A 22nd woman has filed a lawsuit against Deshaun Watson, accusing the Houston Texans quarterback of sexual misconduct during a massage session last year.

The unnamed woman, who is described in the complaint as a licensed esthetician, alleges Watson contacted her on Instagram to schedule a massage, then exposed himself and touched her with his genitals on Nov. 9, 2020. Watson also made a sexually suggestive comment to the woman, according to the lawsuit, but she told him it was not professional and ended the session.

The latest lawsuit, made publicly available Monday morning, was filed in Harris County District Court on Friday, less than an hour after the Houston Police Department announced it was investigating a complaint involving the 25-year-old quarterback. 

NFL’s Roger Goodell responds to Georgia voter law in internal memo, says league continues work to strengthen voters’ rights

In an email to NFL employees on Monday, commissioner Roger Goodell vowed that the league would continue initiatives to strengthen voters' rights. The memo came in response to the state of Georgia’s controversial "Election Integrity Act."

Major League Baseball responded to the new legislation by pulling this year's All-Star Game out of Atlanta.

USA TODAY Sports obtained a copy of the internal memo Monday. In it, Goodell said a number of NFL employees had asked about the league’s stance on the new voting laws passed in Georgia and also under consideration in other states.

Goodell wrote, “We know that the right to vote is fundamental and at the core of our democracy. We will always support that right, and the NFL has done so in a comprehensive and thoughtful way. Together with our players, and so many of you, the NFL and its 32 clubs showed true leadership through our 'NFL Votes' initiative. This program addressed voting in a non-partisan and meaningful way, through voter education, voter registration and direct support of voting across the country.”

Gersh Signs ‘The Falcon And The Winter Soldier’ Actor Desmond Chiam

EXCLUSIVE: Desmond Chiam, the Australian-born actor who can currently be seen as Flag Smashers member Dovich in the Marvel and Disney+ series, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, has signed with The Gersh Agency for representation.

Chiam’s break-out role in Australia was playing the villainous General Riga in the second season of The Shannara Chronicles series. He was also part of the lead cast of the short-lived ABC crime drama, Reef Break, along with Poppy Montgomery and Ray Stevenson, and recurred on the Starz series Now Apocalypse. Other TV credits include NCIS: Los Angeles, Hawaii Five-0, and Bones.

On the film side, Chiam most recently appeared in the Disney+ family comedy, Magic Camp, starring Adam DeVine and Gillian Jacobs.

In addition to his acting credits, Chiam has a law degree from the University of Melbourne and also a master’s degree in Screenwriting from the University of Southern California.

He continues to be repped by The Rosenzweig Group, Active Artists Management, and Lichter, Grossman, Nichols.

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Inventor builds James Bond car with flame throwers and guns for £7,000

INVENTOR Colin Furze has built a Bond car with flame throwers at the front and guns at the rear.

Colin, 41, famed for his YouTube shows, created the 007 motor for BBC’s Top Gear, with a budget of £7,000, in five weeks.

Colin, from Stamford, Lincs, bought a BMW Z3 for £4,000, and added his own modifications.

It also has a gear stick button to fire a biscuit out of the stereo and a hidden fifth wheel so it can pivot on front wheels.

“The fifth wheel makes it very handy for parallel parking and helps to aim the guns," said Colin.

"It’s great fun to drive and the front flame throwers work really well.

“All the switches are on the dashboard or hidden in the glove compartment.

"Despite the modifications, it would still pass its MOT so it’s still road legal, but we’ve only driven it on airfields of course.”

Olympic snowboard gold medalist Chloe Kim speaks out on experience with Asian-hate comments

Reigning Olympic women's halfpipe gold medalist and first-generation Korean American Chloe Kim detailed her experiences with anti-Asian messages in a recent interview with ESPN.

The interview comes at a time when hate crimes targeted at Asians continue to rise in the United States. Kim shared screenshots on her Instagram story last week of someone sending her racist messages on social media, with the 20-year-old snowboarder commenting on her post, "I get hundreds of these messages and it breaks my heart that people think this type of behavior is okay."

Kim told ESPN's Alyssa Roenigk that she first began to receive the negative messages after winning a silver medal at the 2014 X Games, saying people diminished her achievement because she was Asian. 

"There were messages in my DMs telling me to go back to China and to stop taking medals away from the white American girls on the team. I was so proud of my accomplishment, but instead I was sobbing in bed next to my mom, asking her, 'Why are people being so mean because I'm Asian?'" she said.