Opinion: A 17-game NFL schedule provides pop with added matchups … and a bit more mediocrity

Sean Hannity Goes To Great Lengths To Gaslight Fox News Viewers About Liz Cheney Ouster

Fox News’ Sean Hannity on Wednesday put his own gaslighting spin on Rep. Liz Cheney’s (R-Wyo.) ouster from House GOP leadership because of her refusal to bend to Donald Trump’s election conspiracies.

Cheney was “not a martyr,” declared Hannity, a vocal supporter of the former president who once even vowed to go on the campaign trail for him.

Hannity suggested Cheney had a “psychotic rage” against “all things Donald Trump” and mocked her for now being praised by the same media outlets who criticized her father, former Vice President Dick Cheney.

But the Fox News personality insisted Cheney was absolutely not canceled in what appeared to be a desperate bid to avoid charges of so-called “cancel culture” that are often leveled by Republicans.

“For the record, you were not canceled,” said Hannity. “You were removed from leadership because you put your selfish agenda ahead of the party’s agenda and the caucus fired you from your leadership position for your failure to lead the agenda.”

“You will likely be canceled, but it will be the people of Wyoming that cancel you, but that’s not till Election Day,” he added. “You have plenty of time to soak in all the love from Democrats and your new friends in the media that were so kind and so loving to you and your family and your dad and your mom, just wonderful people.”

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West Virginia mayor reelected two days after arrest

WAR, W.Va. — A southern West Virginia mayor has been reelected despite facing criminal charges.

Robert Beavers, the incumbent mayor of War in McDowell County, defeated challenger Grover Mahone on Tuesday by a vote of 123-40, the Bluefield Daily Telegraph reported.

The win came two days after Beavers, 67, was arrested in Fayette County on charges including possession of a controlled substance and driving under the influence, according to a criminal complaint filed by West Virginia State Police Trooper A.E. Roberts. The newspaper cited his complaint in its report.

Roberts initiated a traffic stop because Beavers failed to yield to stopped emergency vehicles, the complaint said. Upon speaking with Beavers, Roberts smelled marijuana and saw a pill bottle in the car, the complaint said.

Beavers said the pill bottle contained prescribed hydrocodone and he later gave officers “a small baggie of a green leafy substance consistent with marijuana,” the complaint said.

Beavers failed several standardized field sobriety tests and was arrested, Roberts said in the complaint.

Even if Beavers is convicted, he could continue to serve as mayor, the newspaper reported.

A message seeking comment from Beavers was not immediately returned.

Food Truck Changes Joburgers Shopping Experience

Inner city residents of Johannesburg in South Africa have been given access to a new kind of shopping experience: a zero-waste mobile grocery store. The bus, called Skhaftin after the local slang word for ‘lunchbox’, sells fresh and dry foods such as rice, beans and lentils, as it makes its way around the city. Shoppers bring their own containers, avoiding the use of packaging that could harm the environment. Founder Ilka Stein and her team came up with the concept during the pandemic, to allow people to access healthy but affordable food in a sustainable way, without having to travel far from home.

Donald Trump’s Fascism On Full Display In Chilling New Ad

Progressive PAC MeidasTouch’s new viral video examines how ex-President Donald Trump is following “the rules of the demagogue.”

The ad shows how Trump has been guided by a tried and tested method of manipulating “weak-minded people” to his own advantage — by establishing a common enemy, telling simple stories “with no regard for the truth,” attacking democratic institutions and the media, and cultivating a cult of personality.

Footage of the ex-president is interspersed with clips of dictators from history and the current day, including Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler, Cuba’s Fidel Castro and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un.

“We’ve seen this happen before,” says the narrator. “We can’t let it happen again.”

The video concludes with a call to reject GOP fascism.

MeidasTouch, founded by the attorney Ben Meiselas and his two brothers, released the video online Wednesday after House Republicans purged Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) from GOP leadership. Cheney refused to repeat Trump’s lies about his election defeat.

On Twitter, where the video has been watched more than half a million times, the PAC said the GOP “has completed its transformation into a fascist, authoritarian death cult.”


Opinion: A 17-game NFL schedule provides pop with added matchups … and a bit more mediocrity

You know how it goes with this annual rollout of the NFL schedule. There’s the anticipation for marquee events, like Tom Brady heading back to New England. An Aaron Rodgers-Patrick Mahomes matchup. (Well, maybe). A menu of playoff rematches. Surely. Divisional rivalries renewed. All good.

Then stuff happens. Some star quarterback is knocked out with a season-ending injury. A team that you thought was on the verge of being a contender turns out to be a dud. Surprise teams emerge. By late November, that Dolphins-Panthers matchup is in the mix to be flexed.

The uncertainty of the NFL — for 31 consecutive seasons, at least four teams made the playoffs after missing the postseason the previous year — has taught me to get only so excited about the projections in May. But this year, there’s an extra boost to the equation: 17 games.