SBM Bank to Appoint Servansingh as Chairman, Week-End Says

Elon Musk says 'most likely' has a moderate case of Covid-19

Tesla Chief Executive Officer Elon Musk said on Saturday he "most likely" has a moderate case of Covid-19, as he continued to question the accuracy of the tests.

"Am getting wildly different results from different labs, but most likely I have a moderate case of covid. My symptoms are that of a minor cold, which is no surprise, since a coronavirus is a type of cold," Musk wrote in a tweet. 

He did not mention whether the results were from polymerase chain reaction tests, which are more accurate than rapid tests.

"A little up & down. Feels just like a regular cold, but more body achy & cloudy head than coughing/sneezing," the Tesla CEO wrote in reply to a user asking about symptoms. 

Musk said on Thursday that rapid antigen test results from the same machine and the same test showed he tested positive twice and then negative twice all on the same day.

Musk's presence at the weekend launch of four NASA astronauts into orbit aboard his SpaceX company's spacecraft had been thrown into question due to Covid-19.

The National Aeronautics and Space Administration's first full-fledged human mission using a privately owned spacecraft, has slipped from Saturday to Sunday evening due to forecasts for gusty, onshore winds over Florida, officials for the U.S. space agency said on Friday.

As D.C. Clashes Erupt, Trump Sics Police On ‘Antifa Scum’ In Stunningly Vicious Tweet

President Donald Trump urged Washington D.C. police not to “hold back” in cracking down on “antifa scum” in a shockingly violent tweet late Saturday.

Trump was reacting to street confrontations that erupted Saturday night between leftover members of a march earlier in the day protesting his loss in the presidential election, and counterprotesters.

At least 20 people were arrested throughout the day, including four on gun charges, The Washington Post reported.

Two police officers were injured, and a man in his 20s was in critical condition after he was stabbed in the back. 

The Proud Boys hate group clashed at various times with counterprotesters, witnesses reported.

In one videotaped scene a large number of men in what appeared to be typical clothing worn by the Proud Boys battled with counterprotesters and chanted:  “F**k antifa.”

Though Trump spent the middle of the day golfing at his club in Sterling, Virginia, he claimed to know exactly what happened in Washington.

He tweeted that “antifa scum ran for the hills” earlier in the day because people at the “Trump Rally … aggressively fought back.” But they returned to “attack innocent MAGA people.” He urged: “DC police, get going — do your job and don’t hold back!!!”

Critics on Twitter slammed Trump for seizing the opportunity yet again to inflame violence.

U.K.’s Pennon Eyeing Southern Water Takeover, Sunday Times Says

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British water and wastewater company Pennon Group Plc is considering a takeover of rival Southern Water Services Ltd.,according to the Sunday Times.

Pennon sold its waste-management arm to KKR & Co. for4.2 billion pounds ($5.5 billion) in March, in one of the biggest deals at the start of the coronavirus pandemic. The deal was set to include net cash proceeds of 3.7 billion pounds, and Pennon wants to use the funds for a takeover rather than hand it back to shareholders, the Sunday Times said.

Southern has faced a turbulent period in recent years, including regulator investigations and concern about high dividends and debt, according to the Times. Pennon has also examined other companies, with Southern Water the most likely target, the report said.

Representatives for Pennon and Southern Water declined to comment on the report when contacted by Bloomberg.

Pennon’s shares have climbed about 1.6% this year to 1,041.50 pounds in London.

Kayleigh McEnany Breaks White House Whopper Record With MAGA Crowd Tally

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spectacularly broke the White House fib meter in an administration with an astounding reputation for lies. She gushed Saturday that the “Million MAGA March” in Washington to protest President Donald Trump’s election loss had more than a million marchers.

She was only off by some 980,000 people — and that’s being generous. Most estimates in the media were “thousands.” The Washington Post characterized McEnany’s tweet as “ludicrous.” 

The National Park Service issued a permit to march organizers for 10,000 people in Freedom Plaza, where participants gathered, DCist reported. The plaza’s maximum capacity is 13,900.

Trump’s own estimate of the crowd size was initially “hundreds of thousands.” He later referred in a tweet to “tens of thousands.”

Twitter critics’ collective jaw dropped. They wondered if the same math was being used to tote up Trump’s imagined votes.

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SBM Bank to Appoint Servansingh as Chairman, Week-End Says

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SBM Bank (Mauritius) Ltd., the Indian Ocean nation’s second-biggest lender, is set to appoint Rajiv Servansingh as chairman of the board, the Week-End newspaper reported, without saying where it got the information.

The nomination follows the resignation of Mohit Dhoorundhur due to health reasons, the Port Louis-based newspaper said. Servansingh, who has held similar positions at public companies, declined to comment when contacted by phone on Sunday.

His LinkedIn page currently shows him as chairman of MindAfrica Group, which provides advisory services.

SBM Bank, a unit ofSBM Holdings Ltd., has also proceeded with changes at management level. After Chief Executive Officer Parvataneni Venkateshwara Rao resigned effective Jan. 1, the lender named Jorge Stock, current chief operating officer, as officer in charge.

For the quarter through September, SBM Holdings saidattributable profit fell 42% to 150.3 million rupees ($3.75 million) from a year ago on impairment charges.