Torres and Jones Win, Will Become 1st Gay Black Members of Congress

Donald Trump has won Montana

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  • President Donald Trump has won Montana, per Decision Desk HQ.
  • Montana has voted for a Republican president in 11 of the last 12 elections.
  • The state has three electoral votes.
  • Two of the state's three congressional seats are held by Republicans.
  • Polls in Montana closed at 10 p.m ET.
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President Donald Trump has won Montana, per Decision Desk HQ.

Montana has voted for a Republican in 11 of the last 12 presidential elections. The state is home to competitive down-ballot races for governor, attorney general, and in Montana's At-Large Congressional District.

Control over Montana's state government is split: the governor is a Democrat while Republicans hold both chambers of the state legislature. Two of Montana's three congressional seats are held by Republicans. The state has three electoral votes and was not expected by analysts to be competitive.

AOC sounds alarm over Latino turnout for Biden

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Democratic U.S. Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez vented her frustrations over what she hinted was a lackluster Democratic turnout among Latinos Tuesday evening.

“I won’t comment much on tonight’s results as they are evolving and ongoing, but I will say we’ve been sounding the alarm about Dem vulnerabilities w/ Latinos for a long, long time,” the N.Y. congresswoman There is a strategy and a path, but the necessary effort simply hasn’t been put in.”



Former Vice President Joe Biden underperformed 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton in several counties in Texas and Florida with Latino voters on Election Day helping solidify Trumps’ wins in those states.  

According to the Pew Research Center, for the first time ever, Latinos are expected to be the nation's largest racial or ethnic minority in a U.S. presidential election. According to Politico, the Trump camp has spent $3.1 million on Spanish-language TV ads in comparison with Biden's $4.2 million,


Ocasio-Cortez herself is of Puerto Rican descent. 

Will Biden’s Focus on the ‘Blue Wall’ States Win Him the Election?

From the beginning of his campaign until the end, Joseph R. Biden Jr. concentrated on winning back Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin. It is not clear that he did.

By Lisa Lerer

Trump contests results with lawsuits and recounts as Michigan and Wisconsin vote Biden: CNBC After Hours's MacKenzie Sigalos brings you the day's top business headlines. Election Day has come and gone, but votes are still being counted in crucial swing states as the Trump campaign began filing lawsuits and promising recount requests. In the meantime, NBC News called Michigan for Biden and declared him the apparent winner in Wisconsin. CNBC's Phil Lebeau and Steve Liesman wade through the results and break down the details of a possible recount in the Badger State.

Trump campaign says it is suing to stop Michigan and Pennsylvania ballot counts

President Donald Trump's campaign said Wednesday that it filed suits to halt the counting of ballots in Michigan and Pennsylvania, as the campaign demanded increased access to observe the tallying process at numerous locations in those battleground states.

The states have a combined 36 Electoral College voters at stake.

The Trump campaign said that its in Michigan lawsuit demands that the campaign be allowed to "review those ballots" … "which were opened and counted while we did not have meaningful access."

Biden projected to win Michigan — he's now 17 Electoral College votes short of White House victory

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is projected to win the state of Michigan, leaving him just 17 Electoral College votes short of being elected to the White House, NBC News reported Wednesday.

Carlos Gimenez Ousts Incumbent Democrat in South Florida House Seat

Mr. Gimenez, the Republican mayor of Miami-Dade County, defeated Representative Debbie Mucarsel-Powell as Democrats struggled among South Florida’s large Hispanic population.

By Neil Vigdor

Torres and Jones Win, Will Become 1st Gay Black Members of Congress

Ritchie Torres and Mondaire Jones defeated token Republican challengers in overwhelmingly Democratic House districts in New York.

By Dana Rubinstein