Treasury Sanctions Ukrainians for Russia-Tied Election Meddling

Tata Consultancy Services Limited Profit Rises In Q3

Tata Consultancy Services Limited (532540) reported a profit for its third quarter that climbed from last year.

The company’s profit totaled $1.18 billion, or $0.31 per share. This compares with $1.14 billion, or $0.30 per share, in last year’s third quarter.

The company’s revenue for the quarter rose 2.0% to $5.70 billion from $5.59 billion last year.

Tata Consultancy Services Limited earnings at a glance:

-Earnings (Q3): $1.18 Bln. vs. $1.14 Bln. last year.
-EPS (Q3): $0.31 vs. $0.30 last year.
-Revenue (Q3): $5.70 Bln vs. $5.59 Bln last year.

FDA And CBP Seize Counterfeit E-cigarettes

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers at the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport teamed up with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to seize counterfeit e-cigarettes.

The team seized 33,681 units of e-cigarettes worth about $719,453. In December 2020, CBP seized 42 separate shipments arriving from China destined to various Texas counties. The shipments included individual disposable flavored e-cigarette cartridges resembling the Puff Bar brand, including Puff XXL and Puff Flow.

“Many counterfeit, unapproved or unauthorized products are likely produced in unregulated facilities with unverified ingredients posing a serious health concern to consumers. It is especially alarming when these types of counterfeit and unauthorized products find their way into the hands of children as studies indicate,” said CBP Port Director Timothy Lemaux.

Last year, the FDA had ordered Cool Clouds Distribution Inc. to remove their flavored disposable e-cigarettes and youth-appealing e-liquid products from the market because they do not have the required pre-market authorization.

“Protecting American consumers from illicit and especially harmful tobacco products, such as counterfeit or flavored e-cigarettes, is of utmost importance to the FDA,” said Judy McMeekin, Pharm.D., FDA Associate Commissioner for Regulatory Affairs. “We will continue to investigate and remove from the marketplace products that pose a particular danger to the public health.”

Ted Cruz Tries To Slam Biden’s First Day In The Most Clueless Way Possible

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) is already bashing President Joe Biden, slamming his decision to reenter the Paris Agreement, a multinational pact on climate change. 

Cruz recycled a line that former President Donald Trump had used, tweeting: 

But there are two problems with Cruz’s message.

First, the deal isn’t about protecting the citizens of Paris. It’s named that because the international agreement was adopted by most nations of the world at a meeting in the French city. 

And second, Cruz himself made it clear he had no interest in the views of Pittsburgh earlier this month, when he was part of a failed attempt to reject Pennsylvania’s election results on behalf of Trump.

In addition to voting against the certification of the state’s electoral count, he also tried to get the Supreme Court to toss the state’s vote.

Twitter users pointed all this out to Cruz, but he responded only to a tweet from actor Seth Rogen telling him to fuck off, ignoring messages pointing out his hypocrisy, such as these:

How COVID-19 is ravaging two cities across the US-Mexico border, with no end in sight

  • Two cities across the US-Mexico border, El Paso and Ciudad Juárez, are both COVID-19 hotspots that are struggling to fight the pandemic.
  • But despite their proximity, the two cities are not officially coordinating their pandemic response together. 
  • Funeral homes and hospitals in the two cities are now overwhelmed with COVID-19 cases as vaccines are slowly distributed. 
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Italy’s Conte Wins First Key Vote for Government’s Survival

Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte won a crucial confidence vote Monday, after lawmakers backed his governing program amid a deepening rift within his coalition.

Lawmakers in parliament’s lower house backed Conte’s call to reach an agreement to relaunch the country, currently battling the economic impact of the global coronavirus pandemic. Conte secured 321 votes, an outright majority in the 629-strong lower house, while 259 lawmakers voted against him.

Earlier Monday, the former law professor, who’s now in his second term as premier, made an appeal to recruit parliament’s pro-European centrists and unaffiliated lawmakers after the small Italy Alive party headed by ex-premier Matteo Renzi ditched the ruling coalition last week.

Conte’s pitch to win support centered on a spending plan for Italy’s European Union’s recovery funds — the issue that triggered Renzi’s pullout — and the need to handle a resurgent coronavirus pandemic.

While the favorable result was widely expected, Conte is set to face a similar vote in the Senate Tuesday, where his majority is razor-thin and the outcome more uncertain.

Treasury Sanctions Ukrainians for Russia-Tied Election Meddling

The U.S. Treasury Department sanctioned several Ukrainians — including an ally of President Donald Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani — claiming they were part of a Russia-linked network that interfered in U.S. elections.

Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Contol added seven Ukrainian individuals and four organizations to its sanctions list for “foreign interference in U.S. elections.”

The sanctioned Ukrainians include a former chief prosecutor for the country, Konstantin Kulyk, who investigated President-elect Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, and a former diplomat, Andriy Telizhenko, who worked with Giuliani to try to dig up dirt on the Bidens’ activities in the country.

“Russian disinformation campaigns targeting American citizens are a threat to our democracy,” Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said in a statement. “The United States will continue to aggressively defend the integrity of our election systems and processes.”