Trump Calls Biden ‘Incompetent,’ Says He’d Cry ‘Mommy, Mommy’

Orban Says EU Leaders Rejected His Rule-of-Law Demands

Prime Minister Viktor Orban said other European Union leaders had rejected his proposal to speed up an ongoing rule of law procedure against Hungary, complicating talks to secure a deal on the bloc’s emergency pandemic funding.

Hungary is against a Dutch motion that would require countries taking grants to agree to be bound by the rule of law, Orban said on the sidelines of a debate between EU leaders in Brussels on Sunday. He said the EU should instead pursue the rule of law procedure against Hungary that began in 2018, while channeling resources as quickly as possible to fight the economic crisis stemming from the coronavirus pandemic.

Orban said a new mechanism adding conditions to pandemic funds “would take a long time to be negotiated” because it’s a legal instrument. “We are not against it, let’s discuss it, but it takes weeks,” he said.

The proposed rule of law mechanism is one of the key bottlenecks for EU leaders who have so far failed to unlock an agreement on a 750 billion-euro ($860 billion) response to the crisis.

“I think we have a good chance to make a deal,” Orban said, adding an agreement was “not about Hungary, but about Europe.” Orban also said Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte was the one who could block an accord. “If there is a break, it’s because of him, not because of me,” he said.

Problems from abroad | Dominic Raab & Lisa Nandy

Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab responds to calls from the family of Harry Dunn to raise his case with the US secretary of state.

He also promises an update on the UK’s extradition deal with Hong Kong, and hits out at “reprehensible” Russian behaviour. Shadow foreign secretary Lisa Nandy explains Labour’s shift in foreign policy.

Motor racing: Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton wins Hungarian GP to take championship lead

BUDAPEST (REUTERS) – Lewis Hamilton won the Hungarian Grand Prix for a record eighth time on Sunday (July 19) to wrest the Formula One championship lead from Mercedes teammate Valtteri Bottas.

Max Verstappen was second for Red Bull, despite crashing his car on the way to the grid in early drama that had his mechanics scrambling to fix the damage before the start.

Bottas came third.

UK to launch anti-obesity campaign to tackle COVID-19

Science has shown that chronic obesity can increase the severity of the virus in some patients.

The United Kingdom is set to launch a campaign encouraging people to lose weight to help tackle the worst effects of COVID-19.

Science has shown that chronic obesity can increase the severity of the virus in some patients.

But some health experts say the plan fails to provide the tools people need to improve their health.

Al Jazeera’s Laurence Lee reports from Chatham in southeast England.

Oman’s Tourism Arm Ends Deal With Damac for Waterfront Project

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Omran, the investment arm of Oman’s tourism ministry, will end a partnership with Port Investment Ltd. owned by Damac International.

Omran will buy the 70% stake it doesn’t already own in Muttrah Tourism Development Co., established to redevelop Sultan Qaboos port for $1 billion. It will make the acquisition at “a value as documented in the shareholders agreement,” Omran said in a statement on Saturday.

Damac International is a joint venture between Damac PJSC and DICO Group, a spokesman for Damac confirmed.

Mina Al Sultan Qaboos Waterfront was designed to include homes, offices, hotels and retail and was part of Oman’s efforts to increase revenue from tourism. PIL was picked by Omran to carry out the development in 2017 but work on the project stalled prompting some members of country’s shura council to demand a government review.

“Omran and PIL will continue to explore mixed-use development opportunities in the sultanate,” Omran said in the statement.

Chileans warn pandemic exploited to compromise women's rights

Feminist groups say COVID-19 crisis is being used to reduce civil liberties.

The coronavirus pandemic is being used to reduce civil liberties, feminist groups in Chile and Russia, who say women’s rights are especially at risk, have warned.

The Chilean collective Las Tesis is being sued for allegedly instigating violence against the same police force that they accuse of abuses.

Al Jazeera’s Lucia Newman reports from Santiago, Chile.

Turkey suspends flights to Iran, Afghanistan due to coronavirus outbreak

Turkey has suspended flights to Iran and Afghanistan as part of measures against the coronavirus outbreak, the Transport Ministry said on Sunday.

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said on Saturday that 25 million people may have been infected with the coronavirus in Iran, although health officials later sought to play down the estimate.

Turkish Airlines had gradually restarted international flights as of June 11.

Trump Calls Biden ‘Incompetent,’ Says He’d Cry ‘Mommy, Mommy’

President Donald Trump again questioned the competence of Joe Biden as the Democratic nominee continues to lead in polls ahead of the November election.

“Let Biden sit through an interview like this, he’ll be on the ground crying for mommy,” Trump said in an interview on “Fox News Sunday.” “He’ll say, ‘Mommy, mommy, please take me home.’”

Trump added: “He can’t do an interview. He’s incompetent.”

As the number of coronavirus cases surges in the U.S. and Biden gains in polls nationally and in battleground states, Trump has tried to portray Biden as unfit to assume office. His campaign has repeatedly highlighted Biden gaffes and misstatements.

Asked whether he thinks Biden is senile, Trump responded: “I don’t want to say that.” He added: “To be president, you have to be sharp and tough and so many other things. He doesn’t even come out of his basement.”

The Biden campaign did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Biden has made his campaign events almost entirely virtual, making about one public appearance a week before small groups of reporters and supporters and maintains strict social distancing and mask requirements for attendance.

He has been sharply critical of Trump’s handling of the coronavirus and is pushing a plan to revive the economy from the virus-related recession, offering a contrast with Trump’s insistence the economy is bouncing back.