U.K. House Prices Climb Most Since 2016 Ahead of New Lockdown

Volvo Air-Bag Flaw Linked to Death, Spurring 54,000-Car Recall

Volvo Car USA is recalling as many as 54,124 vehicles after a death was reported related to an airbag defect, according to afiling with U.S. regulators.

The unit, owned byZhejiang Geely Holding Group Co., is recalling 2001-2003 S80 and S60 vehicles sold or registered in the U.S. because the airbag inflator on the driver’s side may explode when activated during a crash, causing serious injury or death.

Volvo has received and is aware of one reported death related to the condition, the filing with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said.

The inflator is made by ZF Group, according to the filing. Volvo will notify owners, who can have the airbag replaced for free.

A Georgia poll worker has been forced into hiding after being falsely accused of throwing out a ballot

  • Per a press conference that was posted by NBC News, a poll worker in Georgia has been forced into hiding after a video of him throwing out a list of instructions went viral online. 
  • According to Fulton Election Director Rick Barron, online viewers were accusing the worker of throwing out a ballot and are sending him threats.
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Tensions are running high in the battleground state of Georgia as the vote count continues.

Fulton Election Director Rick Barron told the media that one of Fulton County's fastest workers has been forced into hiding after a video of him throwing out a piece of paper went viral online. 

Per a press conference posted to NBC, Barron said that online viewers were sending the poll worker threats and accusing him of discarding a ballot. 

Barron explained that a review of the video was conducted and the paper being thrown out was not a ballot but in fact a list of instructions.


With the worker's personal information being released online, Barron said that he's had to leave his house and stay with friends. He also had to shut down his social media pages and is afraid to drive.

"He's afraid to drive his car because the information about his car and license plate is out there," Barron said.

These Are The 10 Presidents Who Were Not Reelected

Joe Biden will become the 46th President of the United States, based on an election called by the Associated Press. Donald Trump will be the first sitting President not reelected since George H.W. Bush in 1992.

10 Presidents have not been reelected. Gerard Ford, who became President when Richard Nixon resigned, lost to Jimmy Carter, who himself was defeated by Ronald Reagen after one term. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was the only President who served more than two terms. He was elected to four, the first of which he won in 1932. Roosevelt died shortly after he was sworn into his fourth term, passing in April 1945.

Grover Cleveland was the only President to serve two non-consecutive terms. He was the 22nd and 24th President.

These are the Presidents who were not reelected:

John Adams (1797-1801; lost to Thomas Jefferson in 1800)
John Quincy Adams (1825-1829; lost to Andrew Jackson in 1828)
Martin Van Buren (1837-1841; lost to William Henry Harrison in 1840)
Grover Cleveland* (1885-1889; lost to Benjamin Harrison in 1888)
Benjamin Harrison (1889-1893; lost to Grover Cleveland in 1892)
William H. Taft (1909-1913; lost to Woodrow Wilson in 1912)
Herbert Hoover (1929-1933; lost to Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1932)
Jimmy Carter (1977-1981; lost to Ronald Reagan in 1980)
George H.W. Bush (1989-1993; lost to Bill Clinton in 1992)
Donald Trump (2016-present; lost to Joe Biden in 2020)

Kamala Harris Honors Black Women as the “Backbone of Our Democracy” in Her VP Victory Speech

Kamala Harris—the first woman, first Black woman, and first South Asian woman elected vice president of the United States—acknowledged her historic victory with a powerful speech after she and Joe Biden became projected to win the 2020 presidential election.

Speaking in Wilmington, Delaware, the California senator began her address by honoring the late U.S. representative and civil rights icon John Lewis. She recalled that before his death in July, he urged the American public to understand that “democracy is not a state. It is an act.”

“What he meant was that America’s democracy is not guaranteed,” explained Harris, alluding to the chaotic and false accusations from President Donald Trump about the integrity of the 2020 election. “It is only as strong as our willingness to fight for it.”

Touching messages of support poured in on social media during the vice president-elect’s speech, many chiming in on Harris’s poise, delivery, and what this moment will mean for the nation’s next generation.

Joe Biden wins the presidency, Donald Trump golfs

After a long wait, a victory in Pennsylvania helped win Joe Biden the presidency of the United States. While Democrats celebrated history being made, Donald Trump golfed, and his lawyers upped the ante on challenging the electoral process. 

US correspondent Cordelia Lynch and Washington bureau chief Emily Purser Brown reflect on the day, the week, and the campaign that made this moment. What will a Joe Biden presidency mean for America? What will Donald Trump do next? And where does a divided America go from here?

U.K. House Prices Climb Most Since 2016 Ahead of New Lockdown

U.K. house prices climbed the most since 2016 last month, pushing average values to a record ahead of the renewed restrictions to contain coronavirus.

Average house prices rose 7.5% in October from a year earlier to a record average of 250,457 pounds ($329,000), mortgage lender Halifax said Friday. On the month alone, prices gained 0.3%.

The property market has defied a general economic downturn since the virus hit as city dwellers looked to move out of urban centers. The government is also fueling demand with a temporary tax break on purchases and by promising more generous loans for young buyers.

Under the new lockdown that took effect this week, house viewings are still allowed and real estate agents remain open for business.

The boom may be short-lived. Rising unemployment and a new lockdown this month will make it harder for transactions to go through. The Bank of England expanded monetary stimulus Thursday as it lowered forecasts for growth.

“While government support measures have undoubtedly helped to delay the expected downturn in the housing market, they will not continue indefinitely,” said Russell Galley, managing director at Halifax. “With a number of clear headwinds facing the housing market, we expect to see greater downward pressure on house prices as we move into 2021.”