Violent sex fiend linked to 3 rapes in DA’s backlog initiative

A violent sex fiend who impersonated “Family Ties” actor Brian Bonsall to lure and rape a string of women was linked to three sex crimes as a result of the Manhattan District Attorney’s sweeping rape backlog initiative.

In 2005, a Tucson police officer uploaded suspected sex-offender Nathan Loebe’s DNA profile into the local CODIS databank.

A decade later, with funding provided by the Manhattan DA’s $38 million rape kit backlog campaign, Tucson police sent in about 1,400 untested kits. Three matched Loebe’s DNA profile.

The DNA from these kits also connected Loebe to cold cases in Colorado and Massachusetts, authorities said. Officials arrested and charged Loebe for a separate assault in Kentucky.

He was later extradited to Arizona where he was convicted of sexual assault, kidnapping and stalking raps for raping seven women in 12 years.

A Tucson police investigation revealed that Loebe had impersonated child star Brian Bonsall, who played Andrew “Andy” Keaton on NBC’s “Family Ties,” to rape women he met at bars and on internet dating sites.

He’s due to be sentenced April 22.

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