Which cities watch the Oscars the most across America? New York and almost all of Texas


It’s little surprise that New Yorkers love the Academy Awards. But the number two place to tune into the award show isn’t L.A. It’s a little to further west, and a lot more, well, Texas.

It’s El Paso, where one in almost every five homes with TV sets tuned in to last year’s Oscars show. In fact, seven of the top 14 markets with the highest interest were cities in Texas.

The Academy Awards, which air Sunday night, are a ratings behemoth. The show is consistently rated among the most-watched programs year after year, right after the Super Bowl and some other high-profile football games.

A USA TODAY analysis of data from Comscore found that the Academy Awards telecast drew a respectable 8 percent of homes or more in 170 of the roughly 200 markets measured. That’s about what a typical Monday Night Football broadcast draws, for context.

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