Why didn’t Cubs throw money at big free agents? ‘We don’t have any more’

MESA, Ariz. — The Chicago Cubs’ apology tour continued Monday when chairman Tom Ricketts talked to the team about the embarrassment brought on by his father's racist emails being publicly exposed, vowing that the team will become lovable once again.

It was Joe Ricketts, the father of Tom and his siblings that own the Cubs, whose racist emails went leaked recently, prompting the Cubs to apologize and meet with the Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations.

Ricketts denied that his father was racist, and reiterated that Joe Ricketts has no role in the organization, but certainly wasn’t hiding from the fact that it was his father’s wealth that enabled his children to purchase the Cubs.

“Honestly, I was surprised by those emails, those are not the values our family was raised with," Ricketts said. “I never heard my father say anything remotely racist. … The fact is that he acknowledged that they were inappropriate emails, expressed regret and apologized.

“We know who my father is. He’s not the person that some of these articles depict him to be. That does not represent what the organization is about.

“Now, we have to express the damage caused by those emails."

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