“A Brexit win” Remainer MP celebrates improved food security with new agriculture policy

Victoria Prentis hails agricultural policy as ‘Brexit win’

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Ms Prentis has praised the changes to agricultural policy following the UK’s Brexit departure from the European Union. The Environment Minister argued that independence from the EU would enable UK agricultural policy to become more sustainable and economically beneficial. “We’ve got some really really challenging targets to meet on the environment,” said the Tory MP.

She continued, “I’m focused on farming and fisheries – everything I do in my day job in the department is going towards the goal of sustainable food production.”

Journalist Robert Peston interjected to ask: “But it is more expensive as a time when there is a cost of living crisis, do you worry about that?”

Ms Prentis agreed: “Of course we worry about the cost of food, of course, we do.”

“But we also worry about there being sustainable farming practices and ways of getting food on the table of the future as well as today.”

“It’s really important we stick to this agenda.”

The MP for Banbury voted Remain in the 2016 Brexit referendum but now welcomed benefits for British food production.

She continued: “I was no Brexiteer, but this is a Brexit win.

“Our agriculture policy will be better.”

“It will be better for the environment and it will be better for food production than the Common Agricultural Policy was – I really believe that.”

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Ms Prentis hoped the freedom from EU controls would enable the UK to develop an increasingly green agricultural policy that better supports British farming.

The Environment Minister suggested the new agricultural policy with the UK would move towards a reduction in carbon emissions while also ensuring the cost-of-living crisis is not worsened by a sharp increase in food prices.

The Environment Minister speculated future UK agricultural policy would offer greater assurance to British farmers and protect food costs from unexpected cost increases across Europe. 

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She advocated for increased domestic food production using sustainable farming methods to meet environmental protection goals.

Labour Shadow Secretary Emily Thornberry joined the discussion and insisted “the Government must be investing much more in ensuring we have a proper green transition.”

Discussing the UK’s greater independence, Ms Thornberry said “the ability to stand on your own two feet when it comes to energy has never been more important.”

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