Adonis sensationally claims Thatcher would have LOST to another Labour leader

Boris Johnson: Expert says target is ‘longer than Thatcher’

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In a hypothetical post on Twitter, the Labour Peer predicted the Iron Lady would have never become Prime Minister if she went up against Harold Wilson in 1979. Responding to a tweet about his new book; It’s the Leader, Stupid: Changemakers in Modern Politics, Lord Adonis wrote: “Corbyn wasn’t an effective leader, which is why he lost twice.

“And I doubt Thatcher would have beaten Wilson, a far more skilled leader than Callaghan.

“Wilson won 4 of his 5 elections; he wouldn’t have ducked in 1978 nor got into the Winter of Discontent.”

Mrs Thatcher won the first of her three terms in office when she defeated Labour leader James Callaghan in 1979.

The Conservatives won 335 seats in the House of Commons, to Labour’s 269, giving the government a majority of 43.

At the time, Mr Callaghan drew criticism for not calling a vote in 1978 and instead waited a year in the hope that the UK economy would grow.

The decision ultimately backfired for Labour and the Tories seized upon the so-called “winter of discontent”, which saw the economy crash and several Unions go on strike.

Lord Adonis noted Mr Wilson won four election victories, with one being a minority government, in his two spells as Prime Minister from 1964 to 1970 and from 1974 to 1976.

Mr Wilson won a majority of just three in the 1974 general election and pushed ahead with reforms to education, pensions and tax.

At the time, income tax on top earners increased to 83 percent and unemployment reached one million.

Mr Wilson resigned as Prime Minister on March 16, 1976 and was replaced by Mr Callaghan.

In 1983, Mrs Thatcher won a second term in office after defeating Labour Party leader Michael Foot and stormed to a majority of 144.


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The Conservatives won a remarkable 397 seats in parliament, with Labour down to just 209.

The election was held one year after the end of the Falklands War, where Mrs Thatcher deployed troops to successfully defend the British territory from Argentina.

A commanding majority gave the government the power to press ahead with its bold new agenda for Britain, which included privatisation, reform of trade unions and tax cuts.

In 1987, Mrs Thatcher secured a third term in Downing Street after defeating Labour’s Neil Kinnock.

The Conservative majority in parliament was cut down to 102.

Tony Blair remains the last Labour Prime Minister after winning elections in 1997, 2001 and 2005.

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