BBC licence fee ‘cup of coffee’ increase slammed over its principle rather than value

BBC licence fee increase is slammed by hosts

Radio presenters James Whale and Ash Gould discussed the increased to the BBC licence fee and argued the principle of increasing the bill amid the pandemic and public anger towards the BBC was an insult to many. Despite the increase not being a significant amount, less than the price of a cup of coffee, the show hosts pointed out the fee was not worth paying already and fired both barrels at the corporation. The decision was made by the Government in 2016 to increase the BBC licence fee in line with inflation each year. 

Speaking on their talkRADIO show, Mr Whale said: “One of the big news stories has to be that the BBC has been given permission by the Government to put up the licence fee by April.

“Now, the electricity companies are putting up the price of electricity as well and people are having a really difficult time.”

Energy companies have also announced price rises in April with yearly bills rising by £100 a year for some. 

Energy regulator Ofgem lowered the price cap by £84 in October last year but is set to reverse the decision to help businesses cover additional costs.

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Mr Whale continued: “A lot of people are out of work, not by their own choice, a lot of people are on reduced incomes. 

“And now the flipping BBC have sought to put up (the price).

“Now is the time, and I’ve been having this argument with my nanny tonight about how she loves the BBC and everything else but it can be done away with. 

“How dare the BBC put up the licence fee.”

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Ash Gould then pointed out the rise was less than a cup of coffee and argued the principle of raising the fee by such a small amount was insulting. 

The hosts explained the BBC’s public image is already damaged so a fee rise would not be good for them. 

Match of the Day host Gary Lineker boasted on Twitter that he took a pay cut despite the fee rising.

The joke was met with anger as the former footballer used the opportunity to hit back against calls to reduce BBC talent pay to keep the BBC’s costs balanced.

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In 2019/20, Mr Linekar took home £1.75million from the Beeb. 

Conservative commentator Darren Grimes blasted: “The contempt for those struggling to fund the BBC as he luxuriates in his millions and pontificates on Twitter is palpable.

“Boasting that he isn’t the problem, as the sum his employer extracts from single mothers, pensioners and the newly unemployed goes up. Read the room, Gary!”

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