‘Boris could oversee breakup of UK!’ Burley erupts as Dowden scrambles to defend party

Boris Johnson brings his dog to cast vote in local elections

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Sky News’ Kay Burley pressed Conservative Party Chairman Oliver Dowden on potential chaos that could ensue if Sinn Feinn wins a majority at Stormont today. It is expected that the Irish nationalist party will emerge as the largest in Northern Ireland for the first time ever. Ms Burley warned that as a result, Boris Johnson could go down in history as the Prime Minister who oversaw the breakup of the United Kingdom.

She said: “If Sinn Fein takes power, we could find ourselves in a position where Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister that oversees the break-up of the union.”

Mr Dowden struggled to dodge the question as he responded: “Let’s wait and see what the results are in Northern Ireland.

“If there is a sustained majority of nationalist opinion in favour of a united Ireland, that would have to be put forward in a referendum.

“That is beyond the power of the United Kingdom government. We would have to allow that to happen if that was the case.”

Ms Burley added that “all eyes would turn to Scotland” if Northern Ireland broke away from the UK.

Mr Dowden claimed the Sky News host was “jumping too many steps ahead”.


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