Boris Johnson warned rapid testing is ‘game-changer’ to make new lockdown ‘less damaging’

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Boris Johnson has announced England will face a second coronavirus lockdown from Thursday as the rate of infection continues to spiral out of control in large areas of the country. Non-essential businesses will be forced to shut down once again while manufacturers and construction companies have been urged to continue working. Chamber of British Industry boss Carolyn Fairbairn insisted the Government should focus efforts in rolling out rapid mass testing for business to make the second lockdown “less” economically damaging for the UK.


Speaking to Sky News, Ms Fairbairn said: “We need to use the next four weeks to really prepare for what might come next.

“Mass rapid testing for business could be a total game-changer, enabling more of our economy to be open and work safely and productively.

“I think businesses are rallying round to try and make this less damaging than the last lockdown.”

Ms Fairbairn however conceded the new restrictions are a “body blow” for business owners who worked for months to ensure the workplace was safe for employees to return.

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She continued: “It’s an incredibly difficult time for business.

“This is a real body blow, firms have worked very hard to become Covid-safe.

“They have been resilient through the first phase so this is undoubtedly very tough.

“But I do think firms have shown enormous innovation and resilience and they continue to do so. We need to do everything we can to minimise the damage of a second lockdown.”

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