Brexit LIVE: EU tourists will soon have to apply for ‘permission’ to enter the UK

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As part of a plan to transform Border Force, the Home Office is planning to introduce a Permission to Travel scheme from next year. Anyone who wants to visit the UK will need permission before they set off. British and Irish passport holders will not need to do anything, but everyone else will need to apply for a visa or Electronic Travel Authorisation. The Home Secretary said: “As Home Secretary I have been focused on taking back control of our immigration system through my New Plan for Immigration. This includes ensuring we have a border that is fit for the 21st century which allows travellers to get a visa and pass through the border easily, while maintaining national security.”


Truss demands France acts over ‘entirely avoidable’ Dover delays

LIZ TRUSS has demanded France acts over “entirely avoidable” delays at the border as holidaymakers and lorry drivers face another day of gridlocked roads around the Port of Dover.

Traffic crawled towards the port on Friday – one of the busiest periods for foreign travel from the UK as most schools in England and Wales broke up for summer.

The Foreign Secretary said the delays and queues were “unacceptable”, blaming a lack of staffing by the French at the border. But a French politician blamed Brexit for the chaos.

Pierre-Henri Dumont, Republican MP for Calais, said the problems at the Kent port would reoccur, telling BBC News: “This is an aftermath of Brexit. We have to run more checks than before.”

Mr Dumont also said the Port of Dover was “too small” and there were too few kiosks due to lack of space.

A “critical incident” was declared by the port due to the queues, with tourists urged to consider staying away, and warnings today could be just as bad.

In a statement, Tory leadership hopeful Ms Truss said: “This awful situation should have been entirely avoidable and is unacceptable.

“We need action from France to build up capacity at the border to limit any further disruption for British tourists and to ensure this appalling situation is avoided in future.

“We will be working with the French authorities to find a solution.”

Truss vows ‘red tape bonfire’ of EU law

LIZ TRUSS has promised to review all European Union laws kept after Brexit if she wins the race to become Prime Minister.

The Foreign Secretary’s campaign team said on Friday that she believes “a red tape bonfire” will encourage business investment and boost growth.

Ms Truss is pitching herself as the “best candidate to deliver on the opportunities of Brexit” in a bid to gain the votes of Conservative members who will determine the winner of the race for No 10.

She said if elected she would set a “sunset” deadline of the end of 2023 for every piece of EU-derived business regulation and assess whether it stimulates domestic growth or investment.


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