Brexit outrage as Leave voters branded ‘unhealthy’ in staggering attack

Bill Gates describes the UK as 'exemplary' in fighting climate change

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David Yelland, founder of Kitchen Table Partners, took aim at leave voters after comments were made by Jeremy Hunt. Jeremy Hunt was very vocal about voting to Remain during the Brexit referendum in 2016.

However, Mr Hunt has since said he would vote to leave the European Union – should there be a second referendum.

In a discussion with Bill Gates, the former Health Secretary asked the Microsoft founder how he would rate the UK’s performance in climate change.

The 66-year-old made clear he was impressed by the UK’s progress in the fight against climate change, suggesting they would get a “very good grade” and were “exemplary”.

But after Jeremy Hunt’s official Twitter account had shared his chat with Mr Gates, Mr Yelland took aim at Brexiteers.

In response to Mr Hunt’s tweet, Mr Yelland wrote: “Jeremy Hunt (and Bill Gates) look well and clearly look after their own health.

“Why is it the Brexit political class, in politics and media, tend to be so unhealthy?

“Just look at them next time on TV news..

“This is often commented on in Europe…”

Express chief reporter Giles Sheldrick hit back, writing: “A more snobbish tweet it would be hard to find.

“Former Sun editor here insinuating Brexit-supporting MPs (and by definition the 17m odd Brits who voted Leave) are mostly slobbish fatties.

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“Extraordinary stuff.”

They continued: “Rough translation here is if you voted remain you’re probably as fit as a butcher’s dog with a healthy hue and above average life expectancy, but if you dared to back Brexit you’re likely to be a heart attack waiting to happen.

“What a very peculiar observation.”

The comments from Mr Yelland come as French and UK Governments are locked in a row over post-Brexit fishing.

Both sides of the divide are set to meet on Thursday in a bid to resolve the disagreement.

Speaking of the ongoing row, a European Commission spokesperson said: “Officials from the UK, France, Jersey and the commission have been meeting for the past two days.

“These talks have allowed us to chart the way forward on several aspects and have created a positive dynamic aiming at a solution.”

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