‘Brexit polls underestimated populists’ Expert pinpoints issue that could sink Macron

Marine Le Pen 'already succeeded' against Macron says host

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The French President is facing his far-right opponent, Marine Le Pen being just two points behind him in the latest polls. Ms Le Pen was runner-up to Emmanuel Macron in 2017, and she is again his closest rival as French voters head to the ballots today for the first round.

An expert has highlighted that, so far, polls including those before the Brexit referendum and the US Presidential Elections of 2016 and 2020, have “underestimated the populist right”.

Political analyst Jeff Greenfield has said that this could happen in these elections for the French presidency too.

In a post on Twitter, he said: “One note about the French election: polls in the US (Trump in ‘16 and ‘20) Britain (Brexit) and elsewhere have underestimated the populist Right…”

He added: “Be curious to see if that happens tomorrow (right now Macron has a small lead that has been shrinking).”

Voting in the big cities of Paris, Lyon, and Marseille is taking place today from 08:00 to 20:00 local time (06:00-18:00 GMT).

Presidential elections in France occur every five years and typically involve two rounds of voting.

The second round of voting will be staged in two weeks, on Sunday, April 24.

Polls so far predict reelection for Mr Macron, who has been in the Presidency since 2017.

In the previous elections, Mr Macron was elected with 66 percent over Ms Le Pen’s 34 percent.

However, the key to winning this election is expected to be voters’ turnout, according to experts.

The director of the think-tank UK in a Changing Europe, has said that turnout is likely to be low, also because the election is taking place during school holidays.

Professor Anand Menon told Express.co.uk: “That’s the one thing everyone is watching for is how many people actually bother to vote.

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“There’s a real sense of anticlimax about these elections in France.”

Mr Menon added: “I think at the moment if you look at the polling the most likely victory by quite some way is Macron winning, partly because the National Front has historically suffered from turnout problems.

A poll conducted just 10 days ago predicted that 32 percent of voters could abstain from the elections.

The main reason given was that people see “nothing new” in the proposals of candidates, and they believe that “the die is already cast”.

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