Brexit was ‘inevitable’ due to EU plot to become ‘US of Europe’, rages Lord Lamont

Brexit was ‘inevitable’ says Lord Lamont

Brexiteer Lord Lamont claimed it was inevitable the UK would leave the European Union. He claimed he was pleased Brexit had happened because the UK had been part of an unhappy marriage with the EU for a very long time. While speaking to Mark Doland on TalkRadio, Lord Lamont insisted the EU and UK’s vision for Europe was always different.

Most notably, he claimed the EU’s plan of a United States of Europe was a sticking point for him and other Brexiteers.

Lord Lamont said: “I am personally pleased that we are out of the EU now.

“The main reason I voted for Brexit and was in favour of it was I saw Europe becoming one political union, becoming a sort of United States of Europe.

“I really discovered that this was going to go happen when I was negotiating our opt-out, our non-participation in the euro currency.

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“I think we would have been very unhappy as a country if we went down that road.

“I think in a way Brexit was inevitable almost from the moment Britain joined the EEC as it used to be called.

“This is because our vision of where Europe was going was always fundamentally different from that of Europeans.

“It was always a slightly unhappy marriage.”

Brexit: Dolan brands Dutch officials ‘cruel’ over sandwich row

Mr Dolan has also reflected on the current tension between the UK and EU upon leaving the bloc.

While speaking to Daily Mail columnist Robert Hardman, he claimed the EU is trying to punish the UK for Brexit and being vindictive.

Following on from an incident that saw Dutch customs officers confiscating ham and cheese sandwiches from British drivers trying to get across the border,the pair insisted the UK would thrive.

He said: “It’s cruel, it is churlish it’s also not the spirit of the deal that was negotiated between the UK and the EU.”

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Mr Hardman said: “Just as Cornish fishermen are exasperated that they can’t get their fish to France, so French restaurants want that fish.

“We will find a way. If the bureaucrats in the middle are difficult about it, it will make it harder.

“It will lead to bad blood, with needless imposition of very strict rules.”

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