Brexiteer MP Andrea Jenkyns sticks middle finger up at ‘Bye Boris’ fans at Downing Street

Andrea Jenkyns among MPs present for Johnson resignation

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Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns has clashed with the crowd which gathered outside Downing Street to celebrate the resignation of Boris Johnson as Tory party leader. Mr Johnson’s speech setting out his intention to step down as Prime Minister was met with a cry of “bye Boris!” from the crowd. 

On her way in to see the outgoing Prime Minister, Ms Jenkyns exchanged verbal back and forth with the yelling mob.

“Those who laugh last laugh loudest” she is reported to have shouted at the crowd.

The MP flipped the middle finger in the direction of the chanters before entering the security gates at the entrance to Downing Street.

Ms Jenkyns was among a group of supportive Conservative MPs present for the Prime Minister’s statement to the nation, conceding his time in office was coming to an end. 


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