‘Brexiteers are furious over Boris snub!’ Expert says ‘loner’ PM is doomed

Boris Johnson ‘is a loner’ says Tom Bower

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Biographer Tom Bower has described Boris Johnson as a “loner” as he argued the Prime Minister has failed to win over allies and supports with the Conservative party since taking office in 2019. Mr Bower described how Brexiteer Tories were left “furious” after being frozen out of top cabinet positions and are now turning against their party leader. 

Mr Bower told Sky News: “He really is a loner, he is a person who doesn’t understand how you got to sucker support, how you got to look after people in the tea room, look after their care and all the rest of it.

“He only thinks about himself, and that is unfortunately not a good triat if you want to be a prime minister with a lot of support when he hits that bad times.

“People like Steve Baker, who was one of his allies to come out against him and all the other Brexiteers they’re all furious with him because he didn’t include them in his cabinet in 2019.

“That, of course, outraged them and so he’s on the way in Downing Street just lost one friend, one ally after another and that is his trait. He is a loner who doesn’t understand you need to look after your friends because the enemies will look after themselves.”


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